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Helping you feel healthier and more energised through the power of good food.

I believe that your body holds deep wisdom. Trust in it. Learn from it. Nourish it.
My mission is to teach you how to Restore, Revitalize and Regenerate your health.
Transform your health and defeat all disease. Allow me to show you natures way to your best life.

Cambridge Natural Health Solutions
Defeat Disease with what is already in your pantry!

FOOD MEDICINE - The number 1 rule for a long and healthy life

Want to die young at a ripe old age with all your marbles and have lived a long and healthy life? Want the tools to defy fragility, boost your well-being, happiness and love of life? Ensure you have the tools to squeeze as much health and wellness into your life as possible. Imagine no more health issues that YOU can't tackle when you know the number 1 rule.

Terrain Therapy

"You don't have to do anything to get better; all you need to do is to stop doing what's wrong and making yourself sick". Distilled health wisdom of the visionary 20th century physican. Dr Ulric Williams is coined New Zealand's Greatest doctor. His principles of achieving good health are timeless and remarkably simple. 

Cambridge Natural Health Solutions.
Achieve Health Effortlessly

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Our Services - Why Regenerative Health?

At Regenerative Health, I am proud to offer one of the most outstanding programs obtainable to Restore, Revitalize, Regenerate and elevate health. My goal for my patients is empowerment through our partnership to tackle the root cause of your dis-ease by employing current research and paying attention to the details that matter most by refining Lifestyle, Nutrition, and Mind-set Mastery. I listen to my patients concerns, distinguish the glitches and together we resolve health problems for Life.

About - My Misson

Deborah Harper founded Regenerative Health as a platform to showcase the benefits of food as medicine. My philosophy is ”Our body has the capacity to heal itself” by means of boosting Nutritional status with Lifestyle adjustment and Mind-set Mastery. My Mission is to identify the root cause of your dis-ease and restore, revitalize and regenerate health. I promote Empowerment through our partnership - where you will receive the education, tools and direction to achieve greatness through Regenerative Health. Deborah employs her expertise as a Chartered Natural Medicine Practitioner/Coach and empowers her followers to make lifestyle transformations to create life long wellness. 

Testimonials - THE REMEDY

“I cannot praise this programe enough. After 3 weeks my Crohn’s symptoms have all but disappeared. I have all but replaced my pharmaceuticals with all natural products now. My restless leg syndrome is no more. I have so much more energy and no longer feel the need for afternoon naps. I have lost 4.5 kg by following this programme and with only doing light to moderate exercise. The reduction in belly fat is amazing. I am constantly getting comments on how much I glow these days. The support and expertise Deb offers is invaluable and is of great help. Her knowledge of herbs and supplements is extensive and well supported with facts. I have been a yo-yo dieter most my life but no more. I found this programme to have so many positive results that i have adopted this as my permanent lifestyle from here on in. When you feel this good why would you want to go back”?!


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Cambridge Natural Health Solutions

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