Frequently Asked Questions
Please review the frequently asked questions below. If you don’t find the answer to your question, feel free to email us at deborahharper@outlook.co.nz or set up a discovery call: 0277335446.
What should I expect at the initial consultation?
At your initial consultation you will be given an opportunity to discuss your personal health goals with a Natural Medicine Practitioner. This will be an opportunity for you and myself/ other Natural Medicine Practitioner to identify if you are a good candidate for our services.
How much is the initial consultation?
The initial consultation is $150.00 (+ GST )
How long should I expect the consultation to last?
Expect the consultation to last for 60 minutes. If you are a good candidate for our care we will go over the paperwork to get you started. This will be an addition 10-15 minutes. We value your time and do our best to provide a timely service.
What is the investment to join the Regenerative Health Program?
Regenerative Health Personal Master plan is $600.00 (plus GST). Which includes your first appointment + 6 (1/2 hour follow ups) + 1 FREE  = 1 full initial consultation and 7 Half hour follow ups to monitor progress, ask/answer questions and personal recommendations.
What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept:  Visa or MasterCard and online banking.
What are your office hours?
Our office hours are Monday to Thursday 9 AM – 5 PM 
Do I still need a primary care physician?
Yes, we do not provide acute care services and we do not replace the services that your current medical team provides. We provide a stand-alone service.
Does your office accept patients that live in other cities?
Yes, we work with patients all over NZ
Do I qualify for the Remedy Program?
This program is for anyone looking to optimize their heath. The only time somebody is not qualified is if their health is too far-gone or their condition requires urgent medical attention. If a client is not motivated, engaged and willing to take the steps necessary to get healthy they would not be a good candidate.
Does the cost of the initial appointment apply towards the cost of a program?
Yes, your first appointment is one of your seven appointments. We apply your payment to the total cost of the program and therefore you are paying into the program when you schedule your first appointment.
Can my appointments be done over the phone or Zoom?
Yes. We can do your appointment on the phone or video conference so we can more be engaged and help you along the process.
What happens at the end of the Personal Master plan program?
Once your initial program is complete, we will re-evaluate your case and determine your best steps moving forward. To ensure your continued personal growth and development we may offer a variety of different programs to meet your needs.
I’m ready to get started, what are the next steps?
Please set up a free discovery phone consultation to make sure you qualify and to verify our solution is viable for you.
Click here to set up your call.

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