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"I cannot praise this program enough!"

I cannot praise this program enough. After 3 weeks my Crohn’s symptoms have all but disappeared. I have all but replaced my pharmaceuticals with all natural products now. My restless leg syndrome is no more. I have so much more energy and no longer feel the need for afternoon naps. I have lost 4.5 kg by following this programme and with only doing light to moderate exercise. The reduction in belly fat is amazing. I am constantly getting comments on how much I glow these days. The support and expertise Deb offers is invaluable and is of great help. Her knowledge of herbs and supplements is extensive and well supported with facts. I have been a yo-yo dieter most my life but no more. I found this programme to have so many positive results that i have adopted this as my permanent lifestyle from here on in. When you feel this good why would you want to go back”?!


"I noticed that I had more energy!"

“After completing Deborah’s 21 day remedy, I am immensly happy with the results. As a flight attendant, I struggle with the impact of jetlag, long hours and lack of sleep. During the 21 days I noticed that I had more energy, and this helped me get through the long night shifts. Aside from my job, I also had ongoing issues with IBS and/or possible unidentified food intolerances. These problems quickly disappeared while following Deb’s guidelines, which is why I have chosen to implement her ideas into my every day diet. To top it all off, I have even managed to lose some weight as a result! As each day goes by I discover more food, more recipes and small tricks to help me stick to the guidelines. Persistience is definitely the key, and it only gets easier.”

Irritable Bowel Syndrome Sufferer

"I can now see light at the end of the tunnel"

“I was 19 stone and desperate nothing worked. I was so tired most of the time, had to have a nana nap in the afternoon. I have IBS and was up to the maximum amount of medications daily for my IBS. I couldn’t think about going for walks, no energy. I had a gastric bypass about 8 years ago, and got down to 85 kgs to 87 kgs and that was working and running around all day. But when I retired the weight started to creep back on. I wasn’t over eating overly, even though my meals were smaller I still put on the weight. After being on the new regime for 21 days I have lost 1 stone 3-4 lbs., without trying. I no longer need to have a sleep or lay down during the day, I have so much more energy. My mood is much improved, much more alert, feeling a lot more positive in general so much better in all areas of my life. I’ve learnt a lot about the carbs I was eating and how they caused me problems, inflammation, tiredness, putting on more and more weight. My IBS is much improved, I take only 2 of the tablets prescribed, whereas I was up to 8 a day. I am pain free now, where I often had flare ups of RSI an old injury in my arms. My hands were often sore and my arms heavy. Headaches on waking most days which now I don’t have. Sleep is better I think. I can now see light at the end of the tunnel. I have NO desire to eat those carbs, bread was an easy option, having sandwiches for lunch, and a late night snack. But now I keep boiled eggs in the fridge and they keep me satisfied for hours on end. So to summing up, Debs great advice and knowledge have been a real turning point in my life. I’m so thankful, I will happily tell people about the food regime Deb has given me, taking into account the health history I have, advising me what to take to help. I have complete confidence in recommending Debs food regime to help your body to come to a place of being so much healthier. Your mood brighter and body more flexible, losing weight is a plus that people see and ask how are you doing it, upon which you can tell them truthfully getting your gut in an 80% better condition, to fight off disease, with your immune system being renewed, by what you.re eating. Telling people you have no desire to go back to the old way of eating. My shopping list has changed, the cost has changed, why would you want to go back? You couldn’t. Now you know what you should be eating. Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it, forget Jenny Craig, weight watchers. No way, feel alive again do it for yourself. Be the best you, YOU can be. Thank you Deb for your daily emails and passing on of your knowledge, your support, it all makes it so easy. Thanks again. Janice Taylor”.

Was overweight and had (IBS)

Holistic Medicine Cambridge

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