Our dependence on electricity for daily living is vital for us to function in our world. When interrupted by for example an earth quake, black out, or any loss of supply it is devastating to our lives and our economy.

We see it as a human right and a necessity. Just as important as access to fresh clean water, shelter and food.

However we also loath those ugly pylons and don't want them in our back yard.

Get off the Grid. 

(To pylon or not to pylon…)   

I have past a sign many a time that says “say no to pylons”.

Well it’s  a very emotional subject isn’t it?

Ugly 70 metre towers in my back yard, NO.

They can cause cancer can't they?

If you live underneath them, they make that awful humming sound and they are so dam ugly.

Actually they would probably only use 70 metre high towers for the bottom of the steepest valleys in the most remote places really, when you think about it.

Still they could and should put it all underground don't you think get rid of them once and for all and reclaim our lovely scenery.

Mind you, what would that cost, who would ultimately pay? Me of course. If they are underground how easily could they work on them anyway?

I imagine the person motivated to write this message (Say no to pylons) is also the sort of person who will chain themselves to a tree out in the cold and not go home to a nice long hot shower afterwards. Or would they? 

They would have solar heating and lighting, powering their entire home from the sun.

They might have an old bath in the back yard and heat the water from a fire underneath, something like Te Radar would in his independent ways..

They would definitely have a large self- sufficient garden; possibly live by the sea where they could catch legal sized fish and collect legal sized shell fish.

They would never cover their house in Christmas lights.

Such a blatant unnecessary wasteful extravagance.

And they probably wouldn’t have a TV, computer or stereo because that would be a waste of energy.

They would not live in an inner city high rise apartment, because if there was a power cut they couldn’t even flush the toilet.

They wouldn’t be a dairy farmer because even if some dairy farmers were against pylons on their - land they are not against milking the cows, are they?

Imagine the to-do if the cows didn't get milked a bunch of angry engorged cows ouch!

However the government has made a promise that it will be spending money on our vital infrastructure and in doing so, will keep kiwis in work.

We take so much for granted in our modern world, water is the essence of life, in countries like New Zealand imagine what would happen if it was suddenly cut off!

If we didn't have access to water we would be livid, it is our right! and electricity well its our right too! '

Vital to our infrastructure, owned by the people, but the thought of the vital upgrade to our national grid horrifies some.

Sorry guys but this is the price we pay for progress. So in the interest of plenty of employment for New Zealanders, putting money in their pockets and into our economy.

I would say ‘yes to pylons’.

Electricity is, after all, essential for all of us in our daily lives and essential to our infrastructure.

What are your thoughts?


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