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Real herbal Tea Verses a Medicinal Infusion
However I do want to clear up this issue of herbal tea. Specifically, it’s medicinal value. If it comes in a tea bag from the supermarket or health shop then it is most likely a pleasant enough product but not necessarily medicinal. While the product will promote the medicinal value of the herbal content correctly on the packet, for it to be truly medicinal one must take it  as an infusion.

WHAT IS AN INFUSION?                 
Summary of Infusion Data

Plant Part: Roots barks Leaves Flowers Seeds Berries
Amount1 oz/30 g.1 oz/30 g.1 oz/30 g.1 oz/30 g.
Jar/Waterpint/500 mlquart/literquart/literpint/500 ml
Length of Infusion: 8 hours minimum 4 hours minimum 2 hours minimum 30 min. minimum
( Please note this graph is taken from Susun Weeds web-site) www.susunweed.com

Susun Weed is a herbalist and teacher of very high regard in the world of herbs and herbal medicine. She has been my teacher when I was a student and for many years has dedicated her life to herbal medicine and helping others. I guarantee you will find her information factual, accurate and informative.

Are all herbal infusions the Same?
Just to confuse you a little more, a herbal tea bag of Chamomile for instance is most definitely medicinal. Especially for an eye wash or taken to calm the nerves and aid sleep, because Chamomile only needs a short infusion time just 3 minutes is enough to get all the medicinal value from Chamomile any longer and the herb tends to become more bitter. This is a good thing when you want to stimulate digestion, bitters are good for the liver too, but Chamomile tea is the only exception to the rule.

How to make a Medicinal Infusion.
If you want something that is medicinal then you need an Infusion which is quiet different from a herbal Tea.
As I have experienced, there are a lot of people focusing on a popular product to sell when they may not know much about it. They have read plenty of information about the benefits of a particular herbal remedy and believe they can pack it up,  label all the benefits of the herbal ingredients and pass it off as a medicinal preparation when in fact it’s just a pleasant tea.
This does a medicinal herbal infusion no service at all. When the tea does not live up to its reputation, all the benefits labelled on the packet, do not deliver the desired therapy it promotes. 

For your Information:
When talking about a medicinal preparation an infusion is most definitely medicinal. Most herbal tea’s are NOT medicinal they are just a pleasant drink. If you want a medicinal preparation that will deliver the desired effect you will need to follow the guidelines above preferably under the supervision of a qualified professional who knows what they are doing. 

Personally I prefer Fresh Homemade Herbal Teas.

Here are a few homemade herbal tea’s that YOU can make and guarantee a therapeutic action!

Start Me Up Tea!
Many of us suffer from digestive issues which has an effect on our energy levels. Pain can also be an issue, a sore tummy, bloating, flatulence for example. To boost digestion and reduce pain as well as set YOU up for a great day with NO digestive issues or to help reduce digestive discomfort try this tea;
1 square inch of fresh ginger root (finely chopped)
1 teaspoon of Apple Cider Vinegar
the juice of 1/2 a Lemon
1 teaspoon Manuka honey (or more for desired sweetness)
Place in jug, pour over two cups boiling water, infuse 20 minutes, Strain off liquid and drink every morning before breakfast to start your day the right way!
You can triple the recipe and make up a few days worth and store in the fridge, ready for you each morning. And you can add this mixture to your daily smoothie for a yummy flavour.

Students friend
1 teaspoon of fresh Rosemary
1 cup of boiling water
Manuka Honey to sweeten if desired
Infuse for 5 minutes, Drink.
Rosemary is the herb of remembrance and is wonderful for boosting memory and concentration. Good for studying and remembering what you have learn’t. 
TIP: A sprig of Rosemary can help you remember what you have learn’t. Just the aroma of the herb can help you. So take a sprig and smell the aroma to remind you.
Rosemary has been held in high regard for boosting memory and concentration for millennia. Have you seen students in ancient times always wore a wreath of Rosemary on their head. Warning: Do NOT drink Rosemary tea to late a night if YOU want a good sleep! Rosemary is very stimulating.


Calm Me Down Tea
1 Chamomile tea bag.
1 cup of boiling water
Infuse for 3 minutes 
Drink any time of day for a good nights sleep. Also a digestive aid, the bitters stimulate digestion and help calm the nerves.
Therapeutic dose: up to 3 times daily.
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