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Food Revolution Day


The New Food EconomyWelcome to part 3 in a 3 part series about The Food Revolution, how to protect your family from toxic food and if you missed the first two you can read them here now.
Food Revolution Day
The New Food Economy
In part one Food Revolution Day was all about the growing power of the food movement around the world. Consumers now have an unassailable force on our side. The Food Administration representing the consumer’s right to know.
In part two we meet Foods “Erin Brockovich” Robyn O’Brien who has taken on the giant multinational food companies to successfully create healthier food practices.
Today’s blog is about Vani Hari “the food babe” and her mission to also take on the multinational food companies and help you protect your family avoid toxic food.
Also I have some easy tips in the home and kitchen to help create a healthier YOU.
Vani encourages you to ask the question:
What is really in this food that I’m about to eat?

You will learn how Vani has taken on the major food companies and managed to get them to change their wayward ways with the power of YOU the consumer.
So much of our food today has artificial additives and preservatives that are accelerating our chances of dis-ease. They are substances our bodies don’t even recognize as food. More importantly our bodies cannot process these man made preservatives and additives which have entered our food chain over the last 4 decades. They linger in our tissue creating havoc and we are only just finding out how devastating they can be to our health and our wild life and our planets well-being.
Pesticides just like antibiotics have been over used and created super weeds and superbugs we cannot fight.CLICK TO TWEET

It begs the questions, what made us think we could compete with nature anyway? Nature will always fight back and win. How can we get ourselves out of this mess?
Maybe we should work with nature, enhance nature and stick to the rules. Could cooperation with nature and nurture of nature, be how we move forward? After all we are talking about our future and our children’s future. And we are talking about our escalating health bill.
We got into this mess, time we sorted it out.
TIP: to detox your food and wash away harmful chemicals - add ACV to rinsing water in food preparationCLICK TO TWEET
Want to become a food revolutionist? Sign up with Regenerative health and help create a safer, more sustainable food system for you and everyone you care about.

1/ Always ask yourself, what is really in this food that I’m about to eat?

 Vani hari can vouch for the negative effects processed food has had on her health.

"The Food Babe" The New Food Economy

The Food Babe

“My brain was hijacked by processed foods”

Says Vani Hari
Vani Hari is a food activist, known as “the food babe”, she has amassed 3 million followers on her blog. Vani grew up on junk food, her parents were immigrants to the US and worked very hard with little time to care about what is in the food their children were consuming.
Like all of us they put their trust in the food industry.
In Vani’s own words:
“They had no idea about food additives and preservatives or that the majority of the food out there is rubbish that can kill you”.
“When I changed my eating habits, things dramatically shifted in my life. I went from someone overweight and sick to a new being of vibrant health. Social media has helped me create a massive community of people that not only care about their own health, but also want to create a safer, more sustainable food system for everyone.
With the help of the entire Food Babe Army, we have been able to force some multi-billion dollar food companies to change for the better, including Kraft, Chick-fil-A, Chipotle, Subway, General Mills, Panera Bread, Anheuser-Busch, and Starbucks”.
Vani is not a professional in the health field however she is a researcher who has managed to transform people’s lives for the better by creating awareness about food and the food industry.
Vani has a few tips for your continuing good Health.

Health priority # 1:

Before you eat anything ask yourself: 
Where does my food come from?
What are the ingredients in the food I am about to eat?
Do those ingredients serve a nutritional purpose to my body?
Is there a nutritional reason my body will benefit from these ingredients?
How do I find the safest most nutritious food?
Food for thought (FFT)!

There are over 3000 food additives in food that are not even tested. The FDA are not able to regulate that many chemicals.CLICK TO TWEET 

Do cheaper ingredients serve our health?
One example, the multi-billion dollar food companies use to improve their bottom line is – cotton seed oil. A left over from the clothing industry, it has no nutritional value to us at all.
It merely cuts costs.

The 2 best oils for nutritional value are: Olive oil and Coconut oil.
And butters better.

There are many examples out there, beer is one of them that Vani started a petition over. Budweiser – the great American lager – post nutritional facts on their website. However you won’t find anything about the additional food colouring additive, high fructose additives, the hop extract instead of real hops to save money additive – or the GMO corn.
Just a thought how many beers are organic anyway? There is still no labelling and there needs to be much more exposure because after all the industry has normalized our drinking culture.
People are voting with their money?

Kraft mac n cheese is a good example. The American variety has a yellow dye which is not in the variety they export overseas due to overseas countries like the UK banning the ingredient in 2008 – because they know the risk to children.
This is a huge hypocrisy.
And although Vani managed to get 270 thousand signatures on the efficacy of using this yellow dye – Kraft representatives were not interested in hearing it. So the public voted with their money and went to Annie’s Organic and homemade instead. Kraft has had to change – which in turn has inspired many other food manufacturers to follow suit and remove artificial food colourings out of their food too.
And guess what – kids health improved, once the additives were taken out especially for those with food allergies or hyperactivity – no more ADHD medication and a reduction in food allergies.
The industry is shifting because the consumer is making their voice heard.

It is inevitable if companies want to survive they have to listen to the consumer and they have to produce a product that is not going to kill you. When you look at statistics that say the leading cause of death for children in the US is cancer. You have to sit up and pay attention. If it’s cellulose in shredded cheese aka wood pulp (many scientists thought it was fine and safe, but neglected to view the long term effects in the food chain) or emulsifiers and stabilizers in you’re so called healthy nut milk it makes no difference to your body’s ability to digest something that isn’t even food.
Want to make the healthiest and cheapest, freshest nut milk?

According to Vani many nut milks have very few nuts and many additives. Yet people think they are healthy.
TIP: All you have to do is soak 1 cup of fresh cashew nuts in water over night.

Drain off the water and add 4 cups of fresh water and blend in a blender until smooth. This nut milk is the best and will last in your fridge for up to 5 days.
Try ¼ of a cup of organic coconut milk from a can to 2 cups of water. Or ¼ cup of shredded coconut soaked in water over night drained add 2 cups of fresh water and blend till smooth.
Experiment with the above recipes to get the perfect consistency for you.
You can also be the change. 

Take up the Food Revolution Challenge today and change one thing that is not very healthy with a healthy alternative to improve your health today. It could be as simple as buying organic milk. Vote with your money and support something you know is going to improve your health.
Ask yourself Vani’s 5 questions before you put anything in your mouth.
Seek education. Join The Food Revolution.
Make a difference today for your health and wellness tomorrow.
We have seen that the consumer does not trust the food industry anymore and the food industry has had to change to survive. We live in a time where social media has exposed and educated the consumer like no other time in history. We know the cost of artificial pesticides and herbicides on our food chain, creating disease, cancer, killing wild life, waterways, and people.
Sugar replaced fat in the 1980’s when governments were concerned about cardiovascular disease. And in the next 4 decades people have become sicker and obese. Diabetes and cancer has exploded to new highs in our children and we have learnt our children will not live as long as us.
Today we know we got it wrong about fats, labeling them as something to be avoided at the expense of our wellness. Fats are good sugar is bad. And the safest food to eat is organic whole food, grown in harmony with nature, nurtured by nature while caring for the environment, wild life and our planet.
Want to become a food revolutionist?

Sign up with Regenerative health and help create a safer, more sustainable food system for you and everyone you care about.
I hope you enjoyed these 3 articles and become a food revolutionist too.
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Happy Reading everyone.


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