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I’ve Joined the Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution as Volunteer # 655765.

Part 1


I’ve Joined the Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution as Volunteer # 655765.

Jamie Oliver Food Revolution 
So whats been going on around the world that affects you regarding the food revolution:
Read on and check out why?
Monsanto is Suing California!
Genetically Engineered Salmon are approved by FDA in America as fit for human consumption!
Unregulated excessive toxic herbicide spraying on GMO crops in the States could wipe out the monarch butterfly?
This article is part 1 in a 3 part series about the food revolution and if you want to become a member, read on and find out how you can help too.
Because today is the World Food Revolution Day.

Excited, I checked out the Food Revolution forum.
Jason, a member of the Food Revolution since Friday 16 April 10.
He’s from Huntington in the United States and was the first
entry with a thoughtful story wondering where he could
volunteer too, or start his own group.
Check it out here.
Yep that’s Huntington in the United States where Jamie did
his last show, because they are apparently the unhealthiest
people in America.
Next I found the Australian version of the Food Revolution, no it was the Ministry of food now that’s even older, one of the first food n schools exposés that Jamie did.
Only out dated stuff there which talked about volunteering in the kitchen at their cooking school.
Not at all what I was thinking of!
Hells bells I’m not having very much luck here.
All I could find in New Zealand online was a TV One program promo about Jamie Oliver’s upcoming show in Huntington US.
I was going round in circles.
Some time ago I wrote to the Hon Dr Johnathon Coleman about any such thing in NZ?
No luck there either.
Sure we have plenty of websites promoting health and food for example the 5 plus a day challenge 2016.
Sponsored by the Wiggles, which appears to be volunteer even for the schools to get involved?
So I checked out the Ministry of Health.
On healthy Eating they had this to say:
“What and how much you eat and drink, and being physically active are important for your health”.

That isn’t even very good English.
The glow of being volunteer # 655765 is starting to wear off.
And then I checked out Jamie’s page on Facebook and it’s humming on Jamie’s page.
Messages from all over the world
check this out.
Meanwhile over in America. Their very own Food Revolution Summit has just finished.

Over in America the Food Revolution Summit, America’s own version of the Food Revolution has just finished and I checked out some of the interviews.
John and Ocean Robbins are behind the Food Revolution in the US and they have been involved in organizing their 5th annual summit this year.
Andrew Kimbrell Public Interest Attorneys talk:
The truth about genetically engineered food, caught my eye and I thought I would have a little listen.

Andrew is also,
Founder and director for The Centre of Food Safety.
Director Centre for Technology Assessment.
Co-founder of the Foundation Earth.
President of the board of Main farm Animal Care – the organization that administers the Certified Humane label.
A pretty influential guy and this is what I found out.
And naturally I had to share it with you.

This is World News, the biggest litigation in US history is going on right now.
Monsanto the chemical company giant is Suing the State of California.
Monsanto are Suing the State of California

The Food Administration have put in a motion to intervene in the law suit Monsanto has bought against the State of California.
Andrew Kimbrell Public Interest Attorney.
Has lead numerous Supreme Court victories in his time and he is no stranger in these big court cases.
He has worked on Greenhouse gas emitions.
EPA regulation of greenhouse gases and also lead a case of DNA is not patentable.
The health and wellbeing of the entire world is being fought as we speak.
One of several is the present litigations is against FDA approved GE salmon production.
The first genetically engineered salmon approved for human consumption in the world.

Genetically engineered animals have been in the news before, many of them a miserable mistake.
Andrew tells the story of the crossed eyed bow legged pig injected with human genes.
He saw it for himself and said, “The pig was so muscly it could hardly move”.
Until the salmon none of these genetically engineered animals have ever been approved for human consumption.
In Andrew Kimbrell recent interview at the Food Revolution summit he had this to say:
“Oh and by the way, the corrupt FDA did not do their homework on GE salmon.
Should just 60 of these genetically mutant salmon get into the food chain and reproduce it would cause the extinction of the world’s entire salmon population in only 30 generations.
The likelihood that GE salmon will mate with real female salmon is very high because GE salmon are much larger and more attractive to real female salmon.
And if they do mate, their offspring have a 1-3 survival rate.
They plan to farm millions and feed them to us.
But it’s OK as long as they don’t get into the food chain”.
I am the food chain. I’m not eating them are you?

And just as well the DARK act failed too.
Deny Americans Right to Know. Regarding full disclosure on food labelling.
Because if it didn’t then we would never know if we were eating real salmon or genetically engineered salmon because they would not have to disclose any ingredient of what is in our food.
Thank god the rest of the world have tougher food labeling laws that insist on restricting and labeling GMO, artificial food colouring, and full disclosure of all ingredients on product labels.
But getting back to why Monsanto is suing the State of California.

Andrew went on to say:
“Because Monsanto argue the state of California should not be allowed to tell the public that Round up contains a known probable carcinogen.
Monsanto say.
“We don’t think you should be allowed to use International Studies no matter how credible and no matter how accurate.
We don’t think you should be able to tell the public that glyphosate in round up is a probable carcinogen”.
The World Health Organisation announced in 2015 that glyphosate in round up is a probable carcinogen.

They go on to say.
“You should not be able to use these international studies to decide what’s going to cause cancer in the state of California.
And if they should win, this would prevent the state of California the right to use any international study into any food.
This would set a terrible president that international studies are seen as somehow suspect when in fact they’re often the best science we have.
Courts in the US have for many years now allowed the science of the producer, in this case Monsanto’s own scientist approve the safety and use of these chemicals with No Independent Science.
For example the EPA only count pesticides that are sprayed.
Where GMO crops are coated with biocides (pesticides) designed to wash into the soil in the rain and be taken up by the plant.
And 95% washes anyway into the water supply.
Let’s be clear here Biocides (pesticides) kill everything that is alive.
Monarch butterflyMonarch butterflyThe EPA are failing to protect bees. Bees are not pests, butterflies are not pests our children are not pests and they will kill all of those”.

The migration of the Monarch butterfly is multi-generational and they depend on milkweed for their survival which has all but been wiped out by the use of roundup on GMO corn and soy crops.
These crops are right in the flight path of the Monarch butterfly.
“The EPO said years ago we only count pesticides that are sprayed.
We don’t count coated seeds.
Here we have the most damaging biocide in the world and the EPA is not even regulating them – oh no these are coatings we don’t regulate them or count them”.
According to Andrew Kimbrell
“So we just filed litigation a few weeks ago saying oh no you are going to count them and your gona regulate them because look at the damage they are doing – there is no basis in law for accepting these incredibly damaging regulations.
At present companies in the states who export overseas change the ingredients to suit the regulations of the country they export to.
Why don’t they do this in the states? Because they don’t have to.
In the states they have a revolving door where people work for the likes of Monsanto and then get a job in the FDA or EPA and pharmaceutical companies and end up running these agencies as well as divisions within these agencies, they are working in the agency that is regulating the very company they came from”.
Corruption of science to the detriment of the consumer.

“Americans are not being protected by these agencies set up to protect them, instead they are protecting the bottom line of the companies they once worked for to the tremendous mistreatment of consumers and public health”.
Andrew Kimbrell also goes on to say,
“The biotech industry has done nothing in the past 30 years to contribute to the public.
Not lower costs. Not better nutrition.
Basically they have created 90% of the crops out there simply to withstand the chemicals they have created that DuPont and the others sell, so it’s about chemical companies selling other chemicals.
Sure there is more of that toxic chemical on your food and the weeds are getting resistant to it so we gotta get more toxic chemicals but that’s probably a carcinogen but we’re making more and more of our money, but our jobs is to sell chemicals”.
But our job is to sell chemicals

“All the propaganda about GMO’s feeding the world, that’s not true, more and more public realize that.
This technology is horrific. Terrible for consumers.
Terrible for consumers it’s cancer causing for goodness sake.
Terrible for the environment killing all these other non-target insects particularly the monarch butterfly.
Destroying river systems.
People are beginning to realize these chemicals have no redeeming value.

They can no longer keep up the façade that they are beneficial technology.
We are seeing it everywhere this façade is cracking and people everywhere are realizing what this technology is really about.
Not where we want to go as consumers.
GMO’s are a way for chemical companies to sell more chemicals.
85% of America’s crops.
EPA are right now re registering roundup.
The World Health Organisation have announced it’s a probable carcinogen
The EPA do not know what to do”.
This technology system has failed.

Bio-technology is no match for nature.

“Bio-technology is no match for nature they have not come up with a single animal in 30 years and 100’s of millions of dollars spent and no animal accept this one salmon.
Oh by the way it’s so dangerous we are not growing them in the US.
The eggs are made in Canada, shipped to Panama for hatching then to the states, because if they got into the food stream.
There is no way to recall them.
They would devastate the world supply.
You can’t recall from extinction.
They have to be stopped and stopped now.
Fortunately we won’t be seeing any of them for a couple of years which gives us enough time to fight it in the courts.
The EPA are failing to contain pesticides, which are really biocides that kill everything that’s alive, butterflies, bees, people, water.
War on insects and weeds is doomed to failure.
Eliminate these GMO’s and chemicals”.
Organic works with and accommodates the connectedness of life.

Regenerative, sustainable organic.

“The chemical system of growing has been a disaster for water. Decimating our soil, devastating our seeds, we’ve lost 90% of our fruit and vegetable diversity in our lifetimes.
We need the natural rejuvenation of water, seed, soil and pollinators.
We know how to do this.
Obey the rules of nature.
Regenerative farming, defending the safety of our planet”.
We are not consumers we are creators.

But you know what, we are the creators.
And without us business will not survive, in the end they have to come round to our thinking.
As more and more discerning consumers, it seems that where ever you look these days people are getting the message about food and health.
In my next article we will find out just how powerful the consumer has become and how they are influencing multi-national companies to change their ways.
Check out my next article we’re I will introduce you to the Erin Brockovich of food, Robyn O’Brien and her talk: Food Safety and what you need to know.
Want to know more about healthy food and food medicine then join my blog and let’s make a better world together. HERE.


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