THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN PLEASURE AND HAPPINESS – The Lines are blurred in our modern world.
According to Dr Robert Lustig we have lost the ability to distinguish the difference between pleasure and happiness. And once you have viewed his video you will be sure to know the difference and what you can do about it.
Pleasure for instance can feed addictions (the dopamine pathway) where as happiness cannot be bought (the seritonin pathway). But more on that in the video.
Dr Lustigs latest book “The Hacking of the American Mind” is really for all peoples of the Western World because we are all victims of the same deliberate brainwashing by corporate interests.
It is not a surprise that Coka Cola deliberately display “Happiness” in all their advertising.
And no surprises here, when you are always checking your phone for messages or the delight you feel when you receive messages, is not happiness it is pleasure.
According to Dr Lustigs:
“You can’t pull yourself out of the ditch until you figure out how you got into it”.

The definition of PLEASURE – this feels good I want more – you have to buy it – ADDICTION – buy, buy, buy.
HAPPINESS – this feels good I don’t need anymore – you can’t buy it, it’s FREE.
Watch this short video today and share it with your friends because knowledge is power and I want all of you to be powerful and happy.

watch the video here


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