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Natures Bounty is Our Provision for Healing from Cancer.

According to Dr Farooq F. Motiwala, MD, at Motiwala Homeopathic Medical College in Nashik, India.

“There is no need to fear cancer. With every test that god gives, he also gives you the solution”. He also said “The truth we mortals need, us blest to make and keep, the all wise slightly covered over, but did not bury deep”.
The word cancer tends to create a lot of fear for any person, it sounds like a death sentence to most of us and that’s because western cancer medicine involves only three approved treatments. Chemotherapy, radiation and surgery. Two of the three treatments actually cause cancer and the third, surgery, is only possible in some situations.

 According to google: Patients with cancer who undergo chemotherapy may be at elevated risk for a new primary cancer several years later. The most common secondary cancers that occur in chemotherapy-treated patients include myelodysplastic syndrome, acute myelogenous leukemia, acute lymphocytic leukemia and testicular cancer.

Cancer patients have the right to choose what is best for them, however big pharma and their associates are forcing people to undergo treatments known to actually cause the proliferation of cancer by using chemotherapy drugs and radiation.

Google says: Radiation therapy and chemotherapy are increasing the number of people who survive cancer. … Radiation therapy can cause heart attack, heart failure, and arrhythmias. Traditional and novel chemotherapy agents can damage the heart or peripheral blood vessels, or cause problems with clotting or blood lipids.

If you look at evidence based medicine, chemotherapy should not be used at all. It’s not affective and a lot of patients die with only a 3% success rate of full remission. 53% of cancer specific use is also used for other unrelated cancers or for unrelated conditions like Crohn’s disease and Rheumatoid arthritis to suppress the immune system with the risk of causing cancer later on in the patient’s life.
According to Dr Raymond Yuen. MD.
“All cancer patients need nutrition. They are not deficient in chemo. They are deficient in Nutrients. So the first thing to do is give them efficient nutrients. The body has the systems that can heal”.
Boost the immune system and do nothing to compromise it. If your immune system is intact then you have a good chance of fighting all dis-ease.
For example the plant Artemisia a malaria herb is 1000x better at killing cancer cells than chemotherapy. More importantly Artemisia only kills cancer cells and leaves the healthy cells alone, unlike chemotherapy which kills every cell in the body and can permanently damage heart muscle and blood tissue according to Harvard scientists.
Although Artemisia has been used successfully for thousands of years we only have anecdotal evidence which in itself proves a successful outcome, but it is not considered
scientific, only double blind cross over trials are accepted as the gold standard. No complex herb will ever be given the gold standard. This is commonly given to pharmaceutical drugs because 1 action of the drug is considered. However plants are so complex with 100s of actions. 1 action is expensive enough without having to research 100 or more. But thousands of years of anecdotal evidence and success should not be ignored.
The most famous herbal treatment for cancer is Mistletoe. With no adverse effects Mistletoe has proven to have standalone, very positive effects and when taken in conjunction with chemotherapy it reduces the side effects. Unfortunately outside of Europe Mistletoe therapy is snubbed.
Dr Sandeep Roy, MD (Mumbai India) works exclusively with Mistletoe therapy with great results. “Most of my patients come to me when conventional medicine has nothing else to offer a patient, chemotherapy has not worked and there is no more they can do. Don’t lose hope, there is always a ray of hope. Get out of the trap of the over enthusiastic oncologist. They will rob you of your money and kill you”. A much darker side of cancer treatment is oncologist kickbacks for example in the US a doctor might make 6% on every drug or service he prescribes or recommends.

The Process of dying begins in the gut.

The 3 points of exposure to the outside world are via your SKIN LUNGS and INTESTINES. Whatever you eat or breathe in from outside goes in these pathways. They will affect your immune system, hormonal system and your biochemistry. If you can keep your gut microbes in a healthy state you should always be well.
It is important you eat the foods, right for you, your needs are individual and eat the foods that grow locally, because they have survived in your local environment and hold all the nutrients and resistance to pathogens you also require for health. The plants that are thriving have immune systems that protect them so if you consume them they will protect you. There are a large amount of variables to the right diet for each person and specific foods can correct an obvious problem that can arise from your health issues.
Perhaps you have to much candida bacteria – in that case you can go on a candida reducing diet, NO SUGAR. Or it could be something else, the point is eat for your diet NOT for your belief system, you might be vegan, vegetarian or keto for example, that diet may be your belief but it might not be right for you.

According to google – Cancer is caused by both internal factors (such as inherited mutations, hormones, and immune conditions) and environmental/acquired factors (such as tobacco, diet, radiation, and infectious organisms; Fig. 1). … The contribution of genetic factors and environmental factors towards cancer risk is 5–10% genetic and 90–95% environmental.

Heavy metals and environmental toxins play a significant role in cancer risk up to 95%. Which means we have more control over cancer than we thought.

Therefore addressing your environment and identifying the risks and removing that risk sounds like a great first step. For heavy metal removal you can use a number of methods to remove toxins from your body for example intravenous chelation, oral chelation, activated charcoal, fulvic acid, zeolite, l-glutathione, sunshine, exercise or sweating all remove poisons from your body in a safe and effective manner with no harm to you.

Create a negative ion environment and cancer will run away.

Ever been up in the mountains, at the beach, or in a thunderstorm and suddenly felt a huge change in your mood? That’s not just a feeling of awe. It might be negative ions.
A 2018 review of ionization literature also found an effect of negative ionization on many facets of human health. Researchers looked at 100 years of studies and found evidence that negative ions could:
help regulate sleep patterns and mood
reduce stress
boost immune system function
increase metabolism of carbs and fats
kill or inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria, viruses, and mold species, such as E. coli, Staphylococcus aureus, and the bacterium that causes tuberculosis.

To make the environment unfriendly for cancer science confirms the benefits of negative ions. Himalayan salt rock makes negative ions which kill free radicals, an easy addition to every meal. Standing bare foot on the grass, walking in the forest, being near a waterfall, sunshine, clean air, clean flowing water like in your shower all make negative ions. Being out in nature and being part of nature walking along the beach makes a lot more sense now when you know the benefit.

The Chi Machine – developed in Japan in 1988
Lack of oxygen in the body is the primary cause of disease and the Chi machine helps oxygenate the body by activating lymphatic drainage which helps to remove toxins from the body. Otherwise stagnant, the lymphatic system requires us to move to create flow.

Google: The lymphatic system also helps keep the body healthy by eliminating infections and diseases. … This small organ stores immature lymphocytes (specialized white blood cells) and prepares them to become active T cells, which help destroy infected or cancerous cells.

CHI Charger, a battery charger for human beings, increases ATP the energy of our cells, this is with regards to the electromagnetic field from the earth which is at the frequency of 7.83. Known as Schumann law, named after its inventor, the frequency 7.83 affects the pineal gland in the body which produces and regulates some hormones like melatonin which regulates sleep. The magnetic field also aligns positive and negative charges in the cells helping the sodium and potassium pump work more effectively. It is important we balance our magnetic field to protect our energy force. We also need sunlight, water, clean food and a reduction of wireless radiation to enhance healing. The chi charger is now part of the Dreamhomes project launched this year in Singapore, this system has been put into 500 homes as part of a healthy green harmonious smart home creating the most advanced warning system of possible ill health. Because it monitors elements in your home environment to signal any health issues far beyond current early detection mechanisms. This technology also protects you from EMFs in the home which makes it truly a healthy environment to live in.

Excess calcium: can cause cancer.

The role of calcium is to stimulate the pituitary glands and thyroid glands and parathyroid to start the bone building process, osteoclasts and osteoblasts. Too much or too little calcium breaks down communication with our cells.
Calcification can be a cause of cancer, it may be a situation of too much of one type of calcium and too little of another type of calcium. A small amount of calcium ion can reset your calcium status and create homeostasis (balance). Also an effective buffer for an over acid environment. When cancer cells produce lactic acid it acts as a cover for tumours turning off the immune response. When you turn off the lactic acid production your immune system will be turned back on and recognise the tumour and kill it. Calcium ions also turn on the P53 gene which will turn on cell programmed death in mutant cells.
It is very difficult to heal the body without healing the mind.

What do you do for FUN? Do more of it. Whatever makes you happy, you need to laugh and have feelings of joy to boost your immune system. Any activity that brings more oxygen into your body helps. Exercise is important, elevating your heart rate so you suck in more oxygen helps too. Do it in a group. Group synergy helps, motivation to interact with other people in a group has been proven beneficial. We are social creatures and we need the support of our peers, it is paramount to recovery.

Chigong helps too.
Qi is our energy force.
Qigong (pronounced chee-gong) is an ancient Chinese exercise and healing technique that involves meditation, controlled breathing and movement exercises. … Tai chi, a widely practiced mind-body exercise, is sometimes referred to as a form of qigong because it “cultivates, moves and helps manage Qi,”

When your mind body and soul are in nature you feel energized. We are spiritual beings experiencing human life not the other way round. If we feel sick we are experiencing a learning journey, we must see any sickness as an opportunity to change our ways and learn how to live our life meaningfully green and healthy. We can encourage our children and friends to do the same.

High dose Intravenous Vitamin C treatment
What Vitamin C Does

Vitamin C is used every day by our bodies:
It is well-known as an immunebooster.
As a strong anti-oxidant, vitamin C can counter the effects of free radicals and oxidative stress. It has anti-inflammatory Production of collagenthat makes up our skin, bones, and other tissues relies on vitamin C, so it is crucial for healing and staying well.
Vitamin C is a vital part of other key biochemical processesthat affect our health and quality of life.
High dose Intravenous Vitamin C treatment has worked very well for many cancer patients with a high cancer marker of 19.9 the cancer threat has been reduced to normal levels in just 28 days. This happened to a patient Steven Lim and many more stories of incredible survival from a high cancer marker such as this is possible. In any healthcare situation vitamin C supplementation will enable the body to do its job. That extra boost of vitamin C is gratefully accepted by the body when fighting dis-ease because we use up our reserves very quickly when ill. It can also protect us from vaccinations, there is a chance of adverse effects we have all heard of them, so before you get an injection top up with vitamin C and after the injection top up some more. Vitamin C has been proven to lesson or eliminate the nastiest side effects of vaccines. We humans do not make vitamin C in our bodies we need to get it from our food, dark green leafy vegetables and all fruits and vegetables are abundant in vitamin C. But when we need the added protection you can guarantee vitamin C is very safe and effective.  

There are Harmful foods we should avoid:

The food industry has a lot to answer for, processed foods are manufactured with the motivation to entice you to eat more of their food and nutrition takes second place. They are corporations answerable to shareholders that are motivated by profit not health. Foods we regard as health foods are not what they appear to be. The following foods have taken advantage of their status as a health food when in fact they are very unhealthy.

1/ Yoghurt: general mills Yoplus, has twice as much sugar as sugary breakfast cereals. Genuine yoghurt should be low in sugar 13gm per pot. Any yoghurt with added probiotics – is just a myth because commercial yoghurt is pasteurized – which kills the probiotic bacteria – so unless you’re making it at home you will NOT get enough probiotics. Stay clear of any yoghurt with high fructose corn syrup. The best yoghurt to buy is unsweetened Greek style yoghurt.
2/ Wheat Bread: Most breads contain high fructose corn syrup. Which is connected to high obesity in the USA. 20x sweeter than sugar, high fructose corn syrup is confusing and not recognised by our brain. To make things worse high fructose corn syrup affects ghrelin the hungry hormone and disrupts lectin production the, I’m full hormone. When these two hormones are out of whack you never know when you are full. Encouraging you to eat more and more. High fructose corn syrup is 8 times more addictive than heroine. That’s not the only problem with wheat, the new hybridized wheat we consume today worldwide has sodium azide in it to increase crop yields, it turns out azide is highly toxic to humans. Next is what we spray on wheat, glyphosate from roundup is used to desiccate the crop before harvest, harbouring some horrific evil actions on plants and humans alike. Promoted as an antibiotic glyphosate residue can kill our mitochondria the powerhouse of our cells and interfere with essential amino acids the human body cannot make and needs to get from the food we eat. These amino acids are required for hormone synthesis, wellbeing, mood and other important functions in the body.  

Is organic better for you? Yes in most cases organic is always better but todays wheat comes with much more than we bargained for where our health is concerned. Once again good news for the producer, lousy news for the consumer.

3/ Cereal bars: are full of several forms of sugar, the food industry has more than 56 names for sugar and in each one of these cereal bars you will find at least a half dozen of them and they are highly addictive.

4/ Fat free potato chips: Olestra a Proctor and Gamble product was found to be very unhealthy, when authorities drew attention to this the food industry responded by renaming the product Olean – a dirty trick it has the word lean in it and is far worse than gluten and any other carb you can eat. It blocks your body from absorbing the essential vitamins A,D,E,K common reactions include, diarrhea, leaky gut and stomach ache. This product has been banned in Canada and the EU.
Sweetners in foods: have increased 20x over the last 50 years. Sugars are even hidden in foods like sausages.

Diets don’t work – you will find yourself on a roller coaster losing and gaining weight. 

Instead Lifestyle change is what you are after.

A lifestyle change is the only way to improve your health. Some of the worst health information in the past 60 years has come from outright deception. In the 1960’s the sugar industry paid Harvard scientists to downplay the role of sugar in heart disease and demonize fat. To further their cause the food pyramid was created, backed by the famous 7 countries study, so named because they could only find seven countries in the entire world that supported their claim. It turns out consuming saturated fat is essential for optimal brain function and has NO effect on heart disease.
To create good health diets are useless when you haven’t attended to optimum digestion. 

Start at the source by improving digestion and the weight will come off even when you eat what you want. Your digestive system can either make you energy or make fat it cannot make both. When the body consumes something unknown it turns it into fat. 

Any manmade processed food holds a multitude of preservatives and additives the body does not recognize as food, so what does it do, that’s right, it surrounds it in fat and stores it on your body for later removal.  

Poor digestion is a common cause of weight gain. If you cannot break down food, absorb nutrients and eliminate toxins effectively you will suffer and most likely gain weight. Improving digestion improves every area of your body and you can avoid: brain fog, bloating, flatulence, allergies, weight gain, constipation, digestive upsets, autoimmune disease and even cancer.
Preservatives in food make it very hard to break down nutrients because its foreign to the body it’s hard to get nutrients out, but chewing your food (at least 40x ) much more can help, and when you’re not getting enough nutrients in your food you will create more fat because your body automatically goes into fat saving mode thinking there is scarcity making it impossible to lose weight.

4/ weight loss helpers –
Exercise is a great way to get fit and move toxins out of your body, but exercise is no longer enough especially when you have not addressed the worst of what we call food these days.

To do that we have to go to ground zero for the fastest results and that means an elimination diet.

1/ The Remedy is based on the 50 year old elimination diet with a powerhouse of herbs included to speed up restoring the gut. In 21 days you will have replaced your entire gut microbes with brand new stronger bacteria that are in perfect balance, you will have repaired leaky gut, boosted your immune system, eliminated inflammation and be in the best health of your life and just as a bonus you will have reversed autoimmune disease too. All this can be done with food.

2/ If you crave sugar or had a round of antibiotics recently there is a high chance candida overgrowth is the problem. Candida loves sugar and it will force you to crave sugar too. Antibiotics kill all the bacteria in your gut, but don’t worry, they replenish themselves in as little as 20 minutes, yet guess who replenishes the fastest, you got it, candida. It is a very common complaint with many people who are completely unaware they have it. Candida overgrowth can take over your digestive tract and even get into your blood stream and cause havoc in your entire body causing low energy and slow metabolism, causing brain fog, loss of concentration, also causing yeast infection gas and bloating. Candida can also high-jack hormones and cause cravings you have never had before. Candida and its ugly bacteria force you to crave the foods they want pasta, breads, sugar and all the addictive foods. They also make it harder for good bacteria to get the goodness out of the food you eat. Once this fungus is addressed it makes it much easier to absorb nutrients from your food. The Remedy will restore candida to its rightful balance in harmony with the rest of the guts bacteria.
Adding probiotics to your food help!
Good quality probiotics must contain at least 10 strains of different bacteria and at least 10 Billion colony forming units to be effective. Take your time when buying probiotics to make sure you are getting a therapeutic amount. Or you could try good old food, a little bit more reliable I say.
 Prebiotics found in food like onions, garlic, dandelions, leeks, asparagus, chicory root, oats, bananas, barley, apples, cocoa, burdock root, flaxseed and seaweed are some of the foods you can add to your diet daily to maximize good completely balanced bacterial strains in your gut.

3/ Over eating: Can rec havoc on your digestive system because your body can only digest so much food in one day the rest gets turned into fat. Fructose makes us crave more food, candida can highjack our hormones and cause cravings for all the wrong foods.
Foods that help reduce hunger include: Potatoes, apples, water, seeds, grapefruit, healthy fats like butter and coconut oil, high fibre foods like vegetables and legumes, ginger, radishes, chickpeas, pears, celery, spinach, peas, cauliflower, broccoli, unsweetened Greek yoghurt, avocados,  and spices.
The foods that cause overeating are all processed foods, sugar, wheat products, other nonorganic grains including rice and artificial sweeteners.
4/ EGCG: is a powerful antioxidant found in Tea: green, white, oolong, and black tea. Fruits: cranberries, strawberries, blackberries, kiwis, cherries, pears, peaches, apples, and avocados. Nuts: pecans, pistachios, and hazelnuts. EGCG goes into your digestive system and fires it up. Causing programmed cell death in mature fat cells, as well as causing fat cells to decrease in size. Eat any of these foods daily and you will soon see the benefit. Combined with exercise it is the best way to boost your fat oxidation rate even when you sleep. High EGCG foods increases fat oxidation rate by 17%.

There is so much you can do for yourself to improve your health. 

1/ Be mindful and practice meditation, positive thinking and relaxation techniques. Deep breathing helps, breathe in count to 6, hold, breath out count to 6. Do this several times to get you into the rest and relax – parasympathetic nervous system and out of fright flight – the sympathetic nervous system. Remember one minute of anger will depress your immune system for 6 hours, one minute of laughter will significantly boost your immune system for 24 hours. It is true “Laughter really is the best Medicine”. It really makes a big difference.

2/ Move – movement is important, a daily walk in fresh air and sunshine. A walk on the beach bare foot or just standing on some grass in bare feet helps.

3/ Heal your gut first and then change/improve your diet for life. Try fasting, start with reducing you’re eating window to say 8 hours a day and increasing the length you don’t eat to say 16 hours a night. By doing so you increase your body’s ability to remove toxins and clear debris which it can only do when it is not busy with digesting food.

4/ Get adequate sleep. If you have a problem sleeping try blackout curtains in your room. No technical devices, that means leave your phone in another room and turn the TV off. That blue light interferes with melatonin production, melatonin is the sleep hormone. Wake the same time every day – this sets your circadian clock. Get to bed by 10pm for optimum restoration and removal of toxins from the body.

5/ BELIEF – last but not least is belief – the best way to show this is the double blind cross over trial or the gold standard because say you have 100 people in a trial 50 get the drug and 50 get a sugar pill. The results will always show positive results.For example in the 50 people getting the drug there may be a 70% positive reaction and in the 50 who got the sugar pill there may be 40 – 50 – 60 – even 70% positive reaction. Now that is down to belief. The brain believes it is getting the medicine and the brain can make the exact same chemicals that produce the same effect as the drug is designed to produce. This is the magic of the body healing itself and remember the saying “Laughter is the best medicine” well it’s the same thing. Whatever you are thinking the brain responds and makes the appropriate chemicals for your thoughts. So think happy, think wellness and your brain will respond.

I hope you enjoyed this article and if you have some tips to add please do so. And if you enjoyed it please share it with your friends.
Until next time. Live Long and Prosper.


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