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EVIDENCE is now exposing key Vitamin and Mineral deficiencies that Make Covid Symptoms More Severe!New post

EVIDENCE is now exposing key Vitamin and Mineral deficiencies that Make Covid Symptoms More Severe!

In New Zealand we have just had the 1st anniversary of the 2020 corona virus 4 week lockdown. It turns out we had 26 fatalities attributed to Corona virus in New Zealand and no other deaths since May last year. Although we have had some people who have tested positive for Covid 19 we have had no other deaths.

According to statistics everyone including the elderly have more than a 97% chance of surviving this virus or severe seasonal flu. I believe out of the 26 people who died all had co-morbidities 25 elderly people were from rest homes and the health status of the 1 other person who died was not disclosed.

We have been spared the much higher death rates predicted because of our actions (the lockdown) because of the glorious sunshine we had in lockdown – but more on that later and because we are an Island that can close down our boarders from the rest of the world.

Like most of the people I have talked to I really enjoyed lockdown.

Four weeks of rest from the normal hum drum of life as usual.

It only took a couple of days to notice the air was now fresh. There were no cars on the road. Everyone was at home. I would go for a walk and pass many people doing the same. We kept our distance. Smiled and said hello. It was obvious to me that some people were out walking now that didn’t normally do so.

The weather was glorious and you could walk through town without a single vehicle passing you. If a car did come past you could smell the fumes from the exhaust easily. I thought that was significant. If the neighbour mowed their lawn I could smell the fumes easily from across the road. I would never have noticed those fumes before. Had my olfactory senses always been so overwhelmed? I can confirm now that all is back to normal I smell nothing again. I know it’s there, I have lockdown to prove it but I can no longer smell the fumes from cars or lawn mowers as I could in the clean fresh air of lockdown.

 I think mother-nature clearly showed me just how polluted our environment has become.

Mother-nature was telling me to halt and take account. 

I guess for me the most stress came from the news media because all they talked about was a vaccine, the only thing that was going to save humanity was a vaccine?

There was no talk about boosting your immune system?

So I began to get very irritated. This is an emergency situation. Why are we not getting any information on what we can do to help ourselves other than wash your hands (which is an excellent tip). Keep your distance and wear a mask.

Corona viruses have been around for hundreds of years.

We have had many corona viruses before and most of us are immune anyway. Some say by as much as 80%. The variants of Covid viruses are not substantial so we may already have some immunity to Covid 19. Nobody reassured us that this was the case?

Why was the media so fixated on alarming the public?

Emergency vaccines are on their way, was the only catch cry from the media? Why are they scaring people and not telling them about all the things a person can do to boost their immune systems right NOW?

It soon become clear to me. As an herbalist I follow a number of natural health websites. I first noticed in 2017 some of the people I followed were complaining about being censored by Facebook, overnight mail chimp (an email service provider) accounts were being closed down and they were losing hundreds of thousands of subscribers. You-tube accounts closed. Twitter had censored them too. What was going on?

From 2017 through to 2019 a number of my colleges in alternative and natural health practices had been censored by big tech.  

The 12 biggest influencers on the internet in natural health are now labelled as the “disinformation dozen”.

According to Dr Mercola (one of the disinformation dozen) the persecution has been relentless especially in the past couple of years. I have taken this exert from a recent article:

State Attorneys General Threaten to Silence Dr Mercola. (1)

Government officials are misusing their positions of power to openly call for censorship of certain groups, organizations and individuals in direct violation of Constitutional law

Two state attorneys general, Letitia James and William Tong, who in a Washington Post op-ed threaten social media companies with legal ramifications if they do not censor a dozen individuals claimed to be responsible for 65% of “anti-vaccine” content

The basis for the AGs’ censorship push is a report by two previously unknown groups called the Center for Countering Digital Hate and Anti-Vax Watch, neither of which has declared funding sources

The CCDH and Anti-vax Watch seem hell bent on making sure there is only 1 narrative online.

And that is their narrative and theirs only. Not very democratic is it. We all have the right to show our evidence. At least we used to be able to voice our view. But NOT according to these 2 state attorneys general.

According to that report a mere 12 people are responsible for 65% of anti-vax information on the entire internet.

I guess they must be incredibly influential people to have such a prestigious presents online.

I followed these websites all of them give excellent health information. And they are all about health information because when you know how to avoid disease you can live a long and healthy life.

They also promote something called “Informed Consent”.

It turns out “informed consent” is not what we are getting with these “Emergency authorised” so called vaccines.

I got a brochure in my letter box yesterday “Our Covid Vaccination Plan” from

Just reading the title page made me aware we are not getting informed consent. (2)

I had been to my medical centre and asked about informed consent for these vaccines and they had nothing, they sent me to the Med-safe website. There was nothing there either that told the entire story?

I opened up the brochure to find in the third paragraph they are telling all New Zealanders

 “How we know it’s safe”

Excuse me, we don’t know this is safe!

This is brand new technology, never been tried on humans before. The Pfizer vaccine is really “Experimental Gene Therapy”.

So why are they calling it a vaccine?

“The definition of a vaccine is that you get a portion of the virus to alert your immune system an antigen is present. Your immune system identifies the virus and makes memory cells, when you are confronted with the virus again your immune system immediately attacks and kills the virus often without any symptoms even presenting themselves”.

“Experimental Gene Therapy” is synthetic mRNA technology that deposits a synthetically manmade spike protein into every cell in your body. The spike protein is supposed to help your immune system recognise and fight off the virus? There are no viral particles in these vaccines. They will not give you immunity and you can still get Covid as well as pass it on. However when you do get Covid your symptoms may be less.

Strange thing is a strong immune system does this anyway and probably more efficiently than an experimental synthetic mRNA spike protein.

They say it doesn’t affect your DNA yet the role of mRNA is to instruct DNA to perform tasks.

 So what do they mean it doesn’t affect our DNA?

Emergency Authorized Experimental Gene Therapy.

I need to emphasise here that these so called vaccines have “Emergency Authorisation” they have NOT been approved by the FDA so how can New Zealand Med-safe say they are safe and effective?

Preliminary testing has been done we know that but the test groups were people with no disease. And the placebo group if any are also 100% healthy individuals.

These vaccines which are not vaccines but experimental gene therapies have never been trialed before on humans, we don’t know what is going to happen when the general public, people with chronic disease, autoimmune disease, diabetes, or cancers will respond? It’s all a mystery that needs to be played out because the many are more important than the few in vaccine injury.

These experimental gene therapies have not been approved by the FDA (Federal Drug Administration). We collectively are the experiment and our government and health authorities are NOT explaining to us the entire truth.

Not giving us Informed Consent is a breach of the Nuremburg code.

The Nuremburg code (3) was established after WW2 to protect people from experimental procedures without their written consent and full disclosure of what you are being injected with.

We are not getting full disclosure and it makes me distrust the authorities for misleading the public into thinking they are getting a safe and effective vaccine when in fact it is an Emergency Authorised experimental gene therapy never used in humans before.

People have the right to know and they have the right to refuse and NOBODY has the right to mandate an Emergency Authorised Experimental Vaccine on anyone.

These Emergency authorised experimental gene therapies are under trial, if you get the vaccine you are part of the experiment and the trials will not be complete for at least 3 years. Most vaccines and drugs undergo a least 10 years of trials before they come to market. In the case of the Pfizer experimental gene therapy it is a fast tracked so called vaccine that seems to be exempt from the normal precautionary processes and procedures. What makes things worse is vaccine manufacturers have NO LIABILITY. Meaning that if they kill an entire country with their so called vaccines NOBODY CAN SUE THEM. . The supreme court of the United States has deemed vaccines “Unavoidably Unsafe”.

Some human atrocities have already begun.

Johnson and Johnson’s experimental vaccine to be tested on new born babies. (4)  But we don’t know if the vaccine is safe for adults let alone tiny fragile new born babies and infants. Don’t you think they are jumping the gun? Johnson and Johnson were sued for knowingly adding asbestos to baby powder.  (5)   How can we trust them?

Already doctors in Israel are calling for an exemption for children. 

When a child has 99.997% chance of surviving this virus at about the same odds as every other flu every other year why should we subject them to an experimental vaccine?

The warp speed at which these so called safe and effective vaccines have been distributed around the world in the midst of a so called pandemic and administered to our front line workers has scientists very concerned.

Worst Health Outcomes for those already fully vaccinated.

The Pfizer vaccine appears to be ineffective against the African variant. Israeli doctors have observed the African variant appears to affect the vaccinated more severely when compared to the un–vaccinated.

We have the right to informed consent. We also have the right to access any FDA approved drug that can stem the worst symptoms of this virus yet we have been sold an entirely new intervention? There is a lot of money involved. Bill Gates is quoted as saying “for every $1.00 I invest in vaccines I get $20.00 in return”.

Is this why we are ignoring already FDA approved drugs?

Hydroxychloroquine (6) A 60 year old drug is proving to be lifesaving and it only costs about 50 cents. Able to bring oxygen to the blood as well as being a formidable anti-viral.  Donald Trump has taken it himself along with zinc. The (then) President of the United States told us to take it his advisors obviously believe in it.

Ivermectin  (7) is being hailed by American doctors (FLCCC) as a “Wonder Drug” for prevention, for reducing the worst respiratory symptoms if you have Covid and for recovery after Covid. This drug has a long safety record as well. (NOT recommended in pregnancy).

(When looking for information on Ivermectin on the internet the first site to come up is Covid 19 treatments/Health Navigator NZ – their they say Ivermectin has not been proven effective against Covid 19. And there is a risk of serious side effects).

Listed possible side effects as follows:

Ivermectin may cause side effects. Tell your doctor if any of these symptoms are severe or do not go away:


loss of appetite.



stomach pain or bloating.




EVIDENCE is now exposing key Vitamin and Mineral deficiencies Make Covid Symptoms More Severe!

Natural things YOU can do right now - Natural Protection from Covid 19


Only fresh food is a good moto for these times. You will always benefit from eating fresh preferably organic food. Fresh food contains all the nutrition your immune system requires and none of the manmade chemicals in processed foods. By not consuming these chemicals the immune system can now turn to building resilience.

If you can’t get organic try washing your vegetables in water with Apple cider vinegar. Vinegar is a great “chemical spray detoxifier”.


High sugar consumption suppresses the immune system.


Fear is your biggest enemy. There is nothing to be afraid of when you take control of your food choices, boost your immune system and get outside in the fresh air.


1/ Vitamin D (8)

Good old sunshine is your best defense and most people are low in it.

Our daily lives are more often spent inside our homes, our cars and our places of work. Before we do go out in the sun we slap on sunscreen which blocks the UVB rays we require to absorb vitamin D into our bodies effectively. Most science agrees we need 15 minutes of sunshine every day before we put on sunblock to get the full benefits. If you are dark skinned you are even more at risk and require 30 minutes or more before putting on sunscreen.

 I would recommend everyone regardless of sun exposure take vitamin D3 with K2 supplements as a prophylactic. People with Covid 19 can also safely take it usually in much higher doses 6000 -8000iu is recommended daily.

Possibly the most important role of vitamin D is its ability to control the cytokine storm that occurs in some people who get Covid 19. Able to avoid the massive inflammatory response of the immune systems first defenders. It appears vitamin D can stop the overactive inflammatory response in the initial stage of immune system activation and allow normal immune function to continue in so avoiding the need for respirators. Vitamin D is a very cheap alternative that is saving lives. If large populations of people are low in vitamin D – sunshine! You risk a massive inflammatory response that could and has killed people. So please get your vitamin D status checked. You want to be in the optimal range. If the normal range is between 30 –100 you want to be 80 – 100.

2/ Vitamin C

Another massive support for the immune system vitamin C is simply amazing, found abundantly in dark green leafy vegetables, fruits and other vegetables. Its ability to give and receive oxygen makes this vitamin a powerful combination with vitamin D.

3/ Zinc (9)

Another powerful antimicrobial mineral vital for balancing the immune response.

By combining these three FREE nutrients readily available to you when you eat real food high in nutrients you have everything you need to fight any virus anytime.

You are actually very powerful more powerful than the media would have you believe. It’s time to take control of your health especially in these times. I believe mother-nature has spoken to us to remind us we are part of nature and healing comes from nature. Our world is polluted we have clean up. First our inside environment then the outside. 

Mother- nature needs our help in return she will help you.

Stop and take note. YOU are part of nature and nature is where your healing begins.


“When you strengthen your immune system you are giving yourself what you need to heal anything.”

Take your supplements.

Make sure you are eating well.

Get out in the fresh air and Sunshine and DON’T LISTEN TO THE NEWS.


For more information make sure you check out all the references where you will find some excellent video’s by Doctor John Campbell showing compelling science backed evidence for the efficacy of Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine, Vitamin D, Vitamin C and Zinc.

the latest video from Dr John Campbell: Heart Inflammation in Israel

There are many more safe effective herbs, foods, health practices and tips from mother- nature that can help in the fight against Covid 19 and my next article will cover more of these allies as well as New Medicine - A new perspective on viruses.












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