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GLobal Predators - we are the Prey

A Declaration of Liberty from The Global Predators

I have posted this declaration on my website because I have read the book and agree with most of what is said. However I would like to point out I do not agree with all the views of this declaration.

Most notably the accusation China spread the virus:  I believe this virus as with any other virus was carried around the world on the air currents collecting cyanide and other air pollutants as it circumvented the planet in three short weeks. Thanks to Zach Bush but more about him and what we can do about it later). To me it sounds like the most plausible answer as for the rest it all makes sense when you see who is involved to be able to try and pull off this cue. I leave it up to you to make your own assumptions!

A Declaration


ReFounding America Now

November 11, 2021

Peter R. Breggin MD

Ginger R. Breggin

Peter A. McCullough MD, MPH 

Elizabeth Lee Vliet MD

Vladimir “Zev” Zelenko MD


Resolved: As the United States government increases its coercive push to give experimental, dangerous COVID-19 “vaccines” to our nation’s children, it becomes more necessary and urgent for all citizens to resist now, before our children and future generations are unnecessarily put at further drastic risk of harm.[1]


           Human beings throughout the world are suffering under oppression by a supranational hierarchy of elite predators, whose organized and carefully planned goals are actively stealing national governments from their citizens, sucking the life out of Western democracies, and obliterating individual liberties. Since at least as early as 2010, the global predators have been developing and implementing their master plan to crush us with pandemic terror and COVID-19 “public health” policies and now they are renewing global warming as an additional threat to make us obedient and submissive. These global predators are empowering themselves to govern, reshape, cull, and consume humanity.

           It is inescapably clear that the current worldwide systematic oppression is a highly organized and thus-far successful effort to dominate, transform, and exploit humanity. Our basic analysis is provided in our book COVID-19 and the Global Predators: We Are the Prey, written by Peter R. Breggin MD and Ginger R. Breggin, with guidance and written introductions by Peter A. McCullough MD, MPH; Elizabeth Lee Vliet MD; and Vladimir “Zev” Zelenko MD. We document our findings and conclusions in great detail in more than 600 pages with more than 1,000 citations. All the apparent confusion, contradictions, and inexplicable abuses inflicted upon us become clarified by facing a dreadful fact: it has all been planned this way. The goals of the global predators are to seize our wealth, to demoralize us, and to prevent our patriotism and love of freedom from blocking their future plans for the world.

           The global predators have become enormously powerful by riding on the wave of modern technology and communications. Never before have there been so many wealthy and influential individuals and institutions who lust for endless wealth, personal glory, and power. Never before have they so easily been able to plan and plot together, threatening the existence of individual freedoms and democratic republics throughout the world. Never before have there been so many written publications, videos, news reports, and other evidence to document who they are and what their goals are.

           The global predators include many multi-billionaires, but also government health agencies, deep state bureaucracies, giant philanthropic foundations, and international corporations, from fast food and sporting goods companies to big-box franchises, tech companies, and banks. These individuals and entities devalue patriotism, lack an appreciation of constitutional democracy and individual freedoms, and lack higher ideals or spiritual values superior to themselves. In a very sinister game, they look down on the world as their playground and us as their toys.

           Some global predators pretend to be idealistic progressives and others pretend they are inspired capitalists. Many globalists, from Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab to China’s Xi Jinping and Joe Biden and his handlers, remarkably insist that they are both progressive and capitalistic. They claim to be all things to all people. In reality, they are devoid of genuine ideals and concerns for humanity. They are united in being predators and in holding the remainder of us in utter contempt. Many favor “population control” and transhumanism. Many have written and spoken about how they want to reduce us in number while using myriad technologies to seize and maintain control over those of us who survive.

Who Are the Global Predators?

           The global predators are high tech multi-billionaires like Jeff Bezos (Amazon and The Washington Post), Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook), Jack Dorsey (Twitter), and Steve Balmer (Microsoft). They include powerful bureaucrats like Anthony Fauci (NIAID), Rick Bright (BARDA, now at the Rockefeller Foundation), and Tedros (WHO). They are multi-billionaires like Bill Gates, Michael Bloomberg (New Economy Forum) and George Soros (the Open Society Foundations), who know that a patriotic, freedom-loving America stands in the way of their globalist predations. Led by the damnably corrupt pharmaceutical industry, there are global corporations and foundations in every field, including medicine, science, public health, education, the media, and many religious organizations.

           As demonstrated by their dominating presence at the world conferences sponsored by Schwab and Bloomberg, Xi Jinping and China are the hope of the future for predatory globalists. They collaborate with the Chinese Communists to elevate China above the United States as the strongest world power. But if they triumph over America and the Western democracies, the Communists will ultimately devour these less powerful globalists on their way to creating a Chinese Communist Empire that could darken the Earth for a thousand years or more.

           For decades, these assorted global predators have sought to create a worldwide threat sufficient to terrorize humanity. They strive to demoralize, intimidate, and weaken the Western democratic republics, including the U.S., Canada, Great Britain, Germany and Australia, the last of whom the Chinese have nearly captured. Their goal is nothing less than a new “world governance.” They promote top-down governments and collaborate with them as the elites providing the solutions. The result is a massive transfer of wealth and power from these easily manipulated governments and their citizens to multi­billionaires, gigantic corporations, the UN and WHO, and the Chinese Communist Party.

            These elite predators have coalesced in preaching that we must submit to them to save ourselves from one or another oncoming world-ending catastrophe. Whether it is a future of threatening pandemics, global warming, or world starvation, they want us to respond with the same terror and helplessness as if we saw a giant meteor heading toward Earth, visibly burning through our atmosphere for a direct hit. But as hard as they tried, they could never terrorize enough of us to make us surrender our freedoms. Then, a decade ago, they realized that they could create SARS-CoV pandemic viruses within their labs and release one of them at a time of their own choice. They spent the decade before COVID-19 planning how to use the predicted pandemic to overwhelm the Western democracies, while bloating their own wealth and power.

Early Preparations and Plans for the Pandemic

           In 2010, Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab announced the Decade of the Vaccines at the annual meeting of Schwab's World Economic Forum (WEF) at Davos, Switzerland. They quickly went to work with the  United Nations (UN) and its World Health Organization (WHO); with various U.S. agencies including BARDA, NIH, NIAID, and the FDA; and with giant pharmaceutical companies and other wealthy institutions.

           Gates began making plans, organizing, and publishing documents that we unearthed and brought to light in our book COVID-19 and the Global Predators: We Are the Prey. That period around 2010 was the beginning of the pandemic threat eventually called COVID-19 which they were gradually getting in shape to emerge, not from nature, but from labs.

           For several years leading up to 2015, when they published their jointly authored scientific publication, American and Chinese Communist researchers were collaborating to make chimeric (human made) SARS-CoV deadly pathogens in their labs. This infamous gain-of-function research was funded by Anthony Fauci’s NIAID.[2]

           One year later in 2016, armed with the knowledge that pandemic SARS-CoVs had already been made and were being fine-tuned in labs, Bill Gates developed and published his Preliminary Business Plan for using vaccines to dominate the world in the coming pandemic.[3] He published his business plan through his new foundation called CEPI, co-sponsored by Klaus Schwab. Gates and Schwab together already had a mammoth list of collaborators in government, philanthropy, and private industry, including pharmaceutical companies. It states twice that the pharmaceutical companies will be paid for all their direct and indirect costs in rushing through the vaccines, guaranteeing a bonanza for his investments in the expected and even predicted pandemic.

           The Gates Preliminary Business Plan for CEPI led to a memorandum of understanding (MoU) between Gates and WHO to divide up management of the world between them during the next pandemic. It too specified that the pharmaceutical industry would have a “no cost” free ride from government in the coming pandemic.[4]

           In January 2016, Moderna announced that the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation was awarding them startup funding of $20 million with a promise of $100 million “to advance mRNA-based development projects for various infectious diseases.”[5] By then, Gates and his partners were already working closely with Moderna and Pfizer in preparation of getting the U.S., and other governments, to fund their two vaccines. In 2020, as planned, the U.S. government awarded multi-millions to Pfizer and to Moderna, to cover their costs, guarantee their profits, and push their vaccines through the FDA without adequate testing, as permitted by the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA). Their plans to “vaccinate everyone,” announced ahead of time by Klaus Schwab, and to crush freedom, are ongoing, with the abusive vaccination of young children now upon us. This global child abuse, including the obliteration of parental rights to object, fueled our determination to make this Declaration.

Was the Pandemic Planned?

           It seems highly unlikely that these multi-billions of dollars and extraordinary worldwide plans could have been consummated without a guarantee that a pandemic was coming soon. Is it coincidence that the investments mushroomed in less than a year after 2015 scientific paper demonstrating that the U.S. and China were creating SARS-CoV pathogens in their labs with Fauci’s funding and repeated support? Would they have bet so much time, energy, and wealth on the mere chance or hope of the virus accidentally escaping from a lab? Whatever global predators were anticipating, the Chinese Communists released SARS-CoV-2, temporarily hid the growing pandemic, and then consciously spread it throughout the world on routine passenger flights while they closed down their own domestic traffic. They did so at the very moment that a revival in America First patriotism was threatening and even reversing the growing dominance of the Chinese Communists and their global predator entourage. In addition, in our book we document multiple instances of global predators announcing with an uncanny degree of certainty that a pandemic was on its way and, in the case of Fauci, stating it would occur during Donald Trump’s presidency.[6]

The Great Reset: A Fusion Between Governments and Corporations Controlled By the Elite

           How close are government agencies to the powerful global industries they are supposed to monitor and control? The careers of former FDA Commissioners illustrate the profound financial and leadership fusion between giant corporations and government agencies, including those the agencies are supposed to monitor and control for public safety. Nine out of 10 former FDA Commissioners leading up to 2019 went to work for the pharmaceutical industry, usually as the president, director, or board member.[7] For example, in 2017 Robert Califf went from the FDA to a Google biotech spinoff company called Verily Life Sciences and in 2019 his successor Scott Gottlieb went from the FDA to Pfizer’s Board of Directors.

           The pattern of FDA watchdogs becoming pharmaceutical top dogs continued with an egregious and defiant display of conflict of interest in June 2021. At that time, retiring FDA Commissioner Stephen Hahn became chief medical officer of Flagship Pioneering, the venture capital firm that launched Moderna.[8] Hahn joined Moderna’s founding organization immediately after pushing Moderna’s deadly experimental “vaccine” through the FDA in what should be called Operation “Warped” Speed. Beyond that, in the stratosphere of conflict of interest, NIH has joint ownership of Moderna’s vaccine.[9] 

           The above analyses are but a hint of how the global forces are using COVID-19 and the vaccines to bloat their own wealth and power, while demolishing America’s freedom as the last obstacle to their unfettered predations.

America Must Rise Up

           Join the grassroots movements to stand firm for the Founding Principles of the United States as published in the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. These three documents are the moral, legal, political, and spiritual foundation of America. They are the basis for the first national government ever created to serve the people and especially to protect individual freedom. They created a constitutional democracy or democratic republic, restrained by carefully crafted protections of individual rights and by checks and balances on government authority and power.

           Those whom we call ReFounders of America seek to restrengthen these fundamental principles. Having worked cooperatively with many of them since the COVID-19 oppression began, we have learned that, as a group and as individuals, they are brimming with loving kindness toward each other and humanity. Some are Jews (like Peter Breggin and Zev Zelenko) and the vast majority are Christians (like Ginger Breggin, Peter A. McCullough, and Elizabeth Lee Vliet), who take seriously the presence of God in their daily lives. We have encountered no anti-Semitism and no racism, and instead a welcoming of all who wish to fight for liberty regardless of race or religious views. We have never known and experienced so many loving, responsible people as those seeking to revive America’s devotion to freedom at this critical time in our history.

           Now is the time for all of us to find our courage to stand up for liberty within America and around the world. When America's original Founders signed the Declaration of Independence, they knew they were putting their names on their death warrants, if King George ever got them in his clutches. We must find the same courage within ourselves and take actions that may prove as risky and frightening as the ones our Founders took.

           We do not support calls for violence or a civil war; instead, we condemn them. The death and suffering of our people on any side of a violent conflict are unacceptable. Instead, we must rise up to make ourselves known! We must organize massive peaceful civil protests and demonstrations conducted on the principle of loving kindness, a worldwide nonviolent heroic resistance exemplified by the lives of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Mahatma Gandhi.

           During our War of Independence, Thomas Paine wrote, "These are the times that try men's souls." That time has come again. These are the times that summon us to stand up for individual freedom and political liberty in America and throughout the world.

           Now that they are coming for our children, we must stop them. We must reclaim our freedoms from all the various “stakeholder” vultures and ultimately seize our freedom from the Chinese Communists and the thousand-year Empire they have in store for us.

           Join the fight and “You will find yourself no longer alone. You will become empowered. You will make wonderful new friends. Your life will take on new meaning when you realize you have a rare opportunity in history to fight for Western values, the Judeo-Christian traditions, and the existence of individual and political liberty on Earth.”[10]



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[8] Noubar Afeyan, the founder and CEO of Flagship Pioneering, is also Co-founder and Chairman of Moderna.

[9] The NIH claims joint ownership of Moderna's coronavirus vaccine - Axios

[10] Quoted from, “Preface: The Pandemic is the Opening Salvo,” p. XVI, in Breggin, P. and Breggin, G. (2021). COVID-19 and the Global Predators: We Are the Prey. Ithaca, NY: Lake Edge Press. 

Now I know this is a long video however there is a lot of emotional content that is about the bigger story of our natural health the future of our planet, how we can turn it around and it is up to US. We can make a difference and turn all this around. Once we get rid of the problem (The Global Predators) nature will respond and we will heal together.



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