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Vitamin D (12) is not really a vitamin at all it is best described as a hormone.

It is required to absorb calcium from the gut into the blood stream. Mostly produced in the skin from sunlight exposure 10% is also absorbed from food as part of a healthy balanced diet.

Almost every cell in your body has a receptor for vitamin D. Important in immunity vitamin D can modulate the innate and adaptive immune responses. Vital in reducing the cytokine storm (extreme inflammation) bought on by our body’s response to Covid 19 vitamin D supplementation has been found to greatly reduce your risk.

Deficiency in vitamin D is associated with increased autoimmunity as well as susceptibility to infection. The active form of Vitamin D reduces inflammation while also boosting immune cell production of microbe-fighting proteins. The supplement Vitamin D3 with K2 is best because it ensures calcium transported by vitamin D is absorbed by your bones where it is needed, rather than accumulating in your arteries instead.

Many people today are low in vitamin D because of our lifestyles. Indoor working environments don’t help and the darker your skin the more sunshine you require. While a white person can produce enough vitamin D from daily sun exposure of around 15 minutes, depending on your skin colour you may need as much as 1.30 hours daily. I strongly suggest anyone of darker skin colour living in temperate climates consider supplementing with vitamin D.


However there is no substitute for sunshine because that’s not all sunshine gives us. Nitric oxide also comes from the sun in the form of UV rays, absorbed by our skin to create NO which is essential for blood vessel health, relaxing the smooth muscles around your arteries, allowing blood to pump more freely with the aid of glycocalyx (15) , (a Teflon like substance). For the free flow of blood and its ability to prevent blood clots, or clotting formation, skin repair and wound healing. NO improves blood nutrients and oxygen capacity and viscosity. Balancing circadian rhythm, promoting recovery sleep, skin quality and a more youthful look with brighter eyes, fewer wrinkles, clearer skin and more energy. Heart healthy NO also increases serotonin production which is known as the happy hormone, I am satisfied and I don’t need anything else hormone.


As you can see getting enough sunshine is so much more than remarkable vitamin D. So when you go out in the midday sun make sure to get those “healthy UV” rays BEFORE you put on your sunscreen (if you must).

While the industry promotes sunscreen which protects us from skin cancer the suns UV rays play a major role in also keeping us happy and healthy. Be Sun Wise and Stay Safe while getting your beauty treatment.


While we may see ourselves as solid beings we are in essence light beings powered by the sun. Every cell in our body is powered by the mitochondria a furnace of energy within our cells keeping all our cells fuelled to carry out their designated tasks.


– ditch the junk food, the fake meat and as many processed foods as possible. If it has a food label avoid it completely. The food industry has you addicted. These Robber Barons are driven by profit, as all businesses are, if they can make their produce irresistible they will. If they have to disguise tasty sugar with more than 56 different names you know something fishy is going on. The goal is to make profit NOT health.

The only way to turn this around is to demand from our food corporations that Health be the number 1 goal or we will withdraw our support. We are the 99% and we will decide who we buy from NOT them.

Full of flavour it is easy to hide ever increasing amounts of sugars in our processed food. Furthermore, to our body carbohydrates like bread, grains, pastries, pasta and bakery items are no different to sugar, metabolized the same way, generally very quickly, high energy, they do not satisfy, they do not last and you find yourself eating more and more to maintain your energy levels. Elevating insulin levels, causing insulin resistance, promoting inflammation and inevitably type 2 diabetes, weight gain and heart disease which is now epidemic in western societies.

An ever increasing enemy to health our consumption of junk foods, processed foods and fake synthetic foods from lab grown meat to GMO’s pesticide resistant seeds these food production practices, result in starving our body of essential nutrients, the medicine in our food and amino acids vital to life. Our  energy stores are being depleted. We are literally screaming out for nutrition, while piling on weight, getting sicker, more depressed and unhealthy.

When in contrast fresh food preferably regenerative home grown fruits and vegetables, local grass fed beef, pork, free grazing chicken and fresh fish from clean oceans take some eating and digesting. Guaranteed to be nutrient rich these foods will cause slow digestion and create satiety, while losing weight, gaining energy, vitality, stamina and health.

The food industry has spent a lot of money telling us fat is bad, nothing could be further from the truth, butter is definitely better as well as lard.

The big fat lie (1) turns out to be a myth conjured up by Ancel Keys an American physiologist who studied the influence of diet on health. Responsible for the 7 countries study and the food pyramid he was so influential his (food industry financed) dogma is still with us today.

Manmade vegetable oils are high in omega 6 fat which cause inflammation (2) and much more harm. Manufactured foods are also high in these omega 6 fats furthermore compounding the unfavourable health effects.

Fresh is best forget the rest if you want to remain healthy! We have already identified the two basic reasons for all disease inflammation and insulin resistance (3) along with a regenerative diet and exercise we can eliminate both. 


especially outdoors in the fresh air and sunshine is our next best health benefit. While our food choices are number 1 exercise is definitely number 2. However there is no point taking up an exercise routine without first dealing with the inflammation and insulin resistance in our modern day diet. It is a battle won only by correcting the food we eat.

Allowing freedom of movement really matters for the functioning of our lymphatic system (4) which needs our movement to help transport materials and nutrients around our body. Exercise is uplifting, nourishing to our joints, building muscle, burning fat and producing energy. All forms of movement improves our resistance and resilience as well as our wellbeing and mental health. A regenerative diet along with exercise just may be the secret weapon against depression and disease. 


Popular in Japan forest bathing is becoming an essential in modern day living. Our connection to nature is a vital link that modern man has abandoned. Indeed we have been written out of nature itself. (5) The dictionaries definition of the word nature no longer includes a human being. In reality we are nature we are one.

humans and nature are so intimately connected that acting as if we are separate and abusing nature is tantamount to abusing ourselves. We need to treat our relationship with nature in a far more sensitive manner. Arne Næss

Our foot wear is a barrier to our connection to earth. When we go barefoot we exchange negative ions from our body to positive ions from the earth. This exchange detoxes our body cleansing away the toxicity we carry. Forest bathing also exposes us to health giving microbes that we would otherwise not be exposed to. The more microbes we come in contact with the stronger our immune system becomes. Which is why walking on the beach is so rejuvenating, regenerating positive ions and surrendering negative ions in an exchange from our mother earth.


Single handily vitamin C (13) is a powerful ally against disease. An essential vitamin humans do not make it we have to get it from our food. Luckily vitamin C is abundant in fresh foods. Known as a redox molecule vitamin C can receive and donate oxygen and nutrients. A powerful antioxidant it will boost the immune system, fight free radicals and fight inflammation. Relaxing blood vessels it will also help keep blood pressure down. Able to reduce uric acid and enable elimination from the body. Improving iron absorption and may help in dementia by reducing inflammation.


SLEEP is essential for good health, a good night’s sleep is achieved by our circadian rhythm. When we wake at sunrise the same time each day and experience the optimal benefits of sunshine, vitamin D, nitric oxide and glycocalyx a good night’s sleep will often follow.

Managing technology is also important, blue light (6) sensitizes our natural cycles so avoid a few hours before bed. Stress will always keep us awake at night, whether from food, physical or mental stress is best managed by number 7. 


Stress can cause a lot of harm so it is good to recognise it and address it before it manages you.

And the number 1 way to cool things down is to take a deep breath. Calm your breathing (7), concentrate on slow breath in hold and a slow breath out. Do this several times then see how you feel.

When we slow our breath in this way we activate the parasympathetic nervous system response of rest and digest. In this state we can digest our food and absorb all their nutrients optimally. The sympathetic nervous system response is fright flight. In this state all your energy goes to your muscles ready to run from an enemy, digestion is the last thing on your mind and your ability to assimilate any food in a state of FEAR is impossible.

Far too many people these days find themselves in a constant state of FEAR preventing them from absorbing all the nutrients we need for health. Eating too much before you go to bed will require an immense amount of energy (around 70% of your energy) to digest, the last thing you want to do before bed.

Try to stop eating 3 hours before bed time for a good night’s sleep. Physical exercise also requires energy and mental stress takes all your energy. But when we take those deep breaths and calm yourself down your nervous system switches to rest and digest winding us down into a restful night’s sleep.


its 2022 and for the last 2 years we have been bombarded with Covid 19. Be afraid is the media message FEAR has dominated the narrative with NO recommendations for improving your health. The one source of truth has only one message “Get Vaccinated”.

It’s enough to make anyone crazy, constantly in our face the media machine is everywhere we go. At the supermarket, in our work place, sign in sign out, be afraid. FEAR of a bogyman we have no control over at least that’s the message, but we have news for them.

We are powerful beings that can survive, thrive and regenerate, we are nature itself and in good working order our masterful body can cope without “the one source of truth” a brand new experimental gene technology not used in humans  before.


Love is powerful and so are hugs, if we are talking protons, happiness will produce hundreds of protons but love will produce billions of positively charged protons that can change the entire world (8). We need each other, we are social beings and if we are suffering love will pull us through. John Lennon got it so right. All you need is LOVE.

 We have all been through a lot in the last 2 years and love is the cement that will bring us back to each other and hold us together. We must abandon our FEAR embrace our fellow man in unified LOVE and trust in our nature. Love boosts immunity 100%.

It is time to regenerate our planet and it starts with LOVE. 



Our land is laid bare, cover her, take note, nature does not grow weeds in rows, they tend to crop up everywhere there is bare land in every variety, you could say it is her way of healing a wound. Lay her bare and she will suffer. (10) Carbon will escape from her body and rise up to the sun and beat down on us warming the globe.

A giant tree that falls in the forest will create life for 100 thousand species in just 1 year it is how nature works. She does not need a plough, she does not need pesticides and herbicides to flourish she requires a natural covering of the leaves that fall to the ground to create a mycelium of regeneration and birth. The temperature reduces under a carpet of leaves and moisture rises up to the sky to bring down the rains to nourish the seeds that grow into plants, shrubs and trees that continue the cycle of life.

Regenerative farming takes notice of nature, utilising multiple crops that grow all year round in ground that is covered with an abundance of species in a cooperative community of life.

A farm can be converted in 1 year by following these practices. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise for it is proven on regenerative farms all over the world.

A regenerative farmer prefers to grow soil, the result is abundance and less need for water. When the ground is protected from the heat of the midday sun and no carbon is lost into the atmosphere, it is held in the ground where life will transpire.

It is time for us to love mother-nature to heal her wounds and to trust in our amazing ability to regenerate. (11)

KISS THE GROUND – The movie is screening on Netflix at present. It is time to Regenerate our body and regenerate our planet back to the Garden of Eden.

We can create together. Unite in harmony with nature the regenerative way, community and cooperation without the Robber Barons that want to dominate and destroy. The War on Weeds and the control of nature with petrochemicals has bought us global warming, erosion and destruction, this model has NOT worked. It is time to change.

We know what to do, we know how to flourish, we know how to rebuild our eco systems for all of humanity and we have room to grow the way nature intended.

Life can only thrive when we take note of how nature has worked for millennia.
















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