Peace in our Time

Peace in our time

War is a terrible crime against humanity. I don't care which side of a conflict you are on, war is a crime against all humanity and it has to stop. We have witnessed the USA leave billions of dollars of arms, tanks and war machinery left behind for the Taliban. Why? Because the military machine has already made it's money from making the weapons. We see the USA suppling weapons to the Ukraine, but we don't see anyone sitting down and negotiating their way out of this conflict. The Industrial Military Complex has once again made it's money making the weapons for the Ukraine to use against the Russians. Who benefits? Not the Russians not the Ukrainians both want peace. Who taught them to hate one another? Why do they hate one another. The peace agreement made at the end of the cold war said Nato would go no further than Germany, but Nato now surrounds the Ukraine. They broke their promise. Nobody benefits from war, people are displaced and loose their homeland, lives are lost. Except the industrial Military complex. Watch the video and together create a new world of harmony and Peace.


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