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If they offered me hydroxychloroquine I would comply

If they offered me Ivermectin I would comply

But they offered me experimental gene technology with a toxic and deadly spike protein and lied about its safety. They call it a vaccine but it has no resemblance to vaccines. They forced it on the population with illegal mandates, no jab no job and they excluded the unvaxed from society and demonised them.

Then they come for our children and the people said Enough!

Not many people have taken the boosters in NZ and it seems to be the same around the world. Compliance is down by 70%.

 Only 1% of the population have given the jab to their kids.

You can only play the mandate card once and get away with it.

But when the side effects of the jab start rising especially in a country the size of NZ someone always has an aunty, or cousins, or sister, brother, mother, father who has an injury story to tell. The government may be trying to hide the evidence and doctors are ignoring the side effects or putting them down to hysteria and anxiety, but the people are AWAKE.

However if they offered me hydroxychloroquine I would comply and if they offered me Ivermectin I would also comply especially if I was one of those people coerced into taking the jab.

Both hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin are the safest drugs on this planet according to the WHO. They are listed as essential medicines guaranteed safe and effective and have been saving lives collectively for more than 50 years.

Coined by WHO as the safest drugs on the planet they have been used for Malaria for decades in multiple countries around the world.

And respectable doctors, the ones that broke their silence and honoured their oath (first do no harm) are saving the lives of the jabbed with these miracle drugs. These cheap generic drugs have been used daily for decades by billions of people with NO serious side effects.

And where they are in common use there is NO Covid 19.  

Medical professionals have used these drugs for people (PCR test) positive for Covid 19 and they have recovered in hours and a few short days.

The media have mislead and misinformed the public against using these drugs calling Ivermectin (a compound found in nature and NOT a manmade drug) a horse de-worming treatment! We give animals antibiotics but we don’t call them horse antibiotics do we.

Perhaps the most egregious crime is that Covid 19 does NOT exist.

The 2nd biggest crime against humanity was to discredit hydroxychloroquine in a fraudulent trial where they more than quadrupled the dose and administered it to volunteers and some people died. They then published there results in a prestigious medical journal to condemn hydroxychloroquine as dangerous and ineffective. The report was retracted from the once prestigious medical journal but as far as I know the perpetrators of this hideous crime have not been prosecuted by anyone YET!

mRNA is a messenger of information.

In the plant world mRNA (messenger RNA) carries a message from plants to our DNA to read interoperate and deploy. By way of reverse transcriptase mRNA information is uploaded by our DNA and information from our DNA is transferred back to mRNA. The information includes the nutrients, vitamins, minerals, essential amino acids and plant medicines the body can use for optimum health.

Our immune system has around 27 different proteins to deploy an optimum immune response.

More complex than modern science can comprehend some mad scientists would like us to believe 1 spike protein (the more toxic of the proteins) that has been synthetically reproduced and weaponized can teach our immune system to respond to a viral attack better than our immune system can?

The first thing our immune system will do is attack this synthetic manmade imposter and that is exactly what has happened.

This toxic bioweapon spike protein is nothing more than a killer supposedly teaching our immune system to do something it has been doing for millennia with just 1 synthetic crudely manmade deadly protein?

They played God! And lost and kept it quiet for the love of money.

Seeing a cash cow these greedy Frankenstein creators coerced the world into waiting, in the midst of a so called but prearranged world-wide pandemic (2019 Event 201 “a corona pandemic exercise” conference) for the one and only thing that could save us?

WHO does that?

And the WHO/ self-appointed WW government said: Stay in your homes, be scared and afraid, nothing will help you. Distance yourself from family and friends. Wait until you cannot breathe before you call a doctor and do not go to hospital because they are overloaded with sick people.

 In reality most hospitals were dead alright, dead empty, no one was there.

Sunshine kills viruses

No one told us vitamin D (sunshine kill’s viruses) in doses of 5IU daily would almost guarantee you wouldn’t get any cold at all. No one told us vitamin D could boost your first line of defence, your innate immune system so that no cold could not even enter your body. No one said take vitamin C or zinc because they could stop you from getting any flu or influenza!

Complete silence!

Here in New Zealand Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine were taken off the market.

No worries I know people who purchased the drench and rubbed it on their legs with no harm done. Kiwi’s know how to diversify, we live at the bottom of the world it’s in our DNA.

It broke my heart when I went online to view Medsafe NZ our version of the CDC and they said mRNA does not affect your DNA. I couldn’t believe it, what an outrageous lie! I wrote to them with evidence but got NO reply.

I wrote to them about many of their lies, regarding Covid 19 and the (Comirnaty) jab being approved by the CDC as safe and effective, also a lie, about it being advertised as 95% safe and effective, another lie.

The RRR ( relative risk reduction) was deemed 95% effective because in the 2 month trial 1 person in the jabbed group got Covid but 2 people in the placebo group got Covid therefore the RRR was 100% later reduced to 95% (maybe because it was more believable?).

Nobody talked about the true metric we should be using the ARR (absolute risk reduction) because that was only 1% who is going to take an experimental so called “vaccine” that is only 1% effective.

But that’s not all, in the jabbed group 4 people suffered cardiac arrest and 21 people died. 15 people died in the placebo group too but did we hear about it NO. Then they un-blinded the trials and gave all the placebo group the jab destroying the control! They committed FRAUD.

WHO does that?

Monsters of course. Share Evil. In fact their clinical trials were so appalling they did not want the world to see them, first for 55 years and then for 75 years, what could they possibly have to hide?

That there is NO Covid 19!

Thanks to fantastic lawyers like Aaron Siri a US judge ordered the FDA to release 55,000 pages per month and they have had to comply and release their evidence each and every month.

The reading is evidence of the biggest crime ever committed against humanity.

Was it that the world wide pandemic was an out and out lie? Was it because if people knew the real story about Covid 19 they would never take the jab?

These figures for Covid 19 are not even as high as the seasonal flu? What was going on?

A more sinister depopulation agenda? I don’t know I don’t want to think that way but who is running this show?

 Bill Gates, WEF, WHO, United Nations all of them?

A known Eugenics supporter, Bill Gates comes from a long line of elite who look down on we, the useless eaters as they call us.

No Bill Gates is more likely to want the 20 -1 return on investment.


I almost forgot it was Bill Gates who was thrown out of India, when he was wearing his “agricultural expert hat” because more than 280 thousand small farmers committed suicide when they could no longer make a living because of the cost of Bill Gates grain, pesticides and herbicides and then there was all those vaccines for tetanus that had sterilizing agents in them that sterilized thousands of girls and young women in Africa when he was wearing his “medical vaccine expert hat” plus there was all that money he made in WW lockdown when he wore his “technology expert hat”.

No it’s not just Bill. All of this is way above Bill.

You would have to start at the top. Blackrock for example, recently our very own prime-minister Jacinda Ardern (also WEF young global leader) visited Blackrock. She could have some friends there? Or she could be looking for a new job? (Kiwi’s will never vote for her again) I don’t know why, it wasn’t disclosed to me.

We, useless eaters have been crucified in the name of depopulation? The recently blowing up of the Georgia Guide stones said engraved on those stones: under 500 million people is their preferred population on earth.  How could they be so evil?

Trouble is brewing the 99% of useless eaters are waking up and justice is about to be served on the evil elite.

“Hell have no Fury than a Mother Scorned”.

55,000 pages a month show all the incriminating evidence the FDA wanted to hide.

Finally, more than 150 years of the tyranny of the medical mafia is being exposed for what it actually is, nothing more than a cash cow for the global elite and their de-population control agenda.

You cannot accuse me of misinformation and disinformation when the evidence is there for all to see.

Covid 19 does not exist.

Mother-nature will prevail, we humans, animals, insects and all life on earth are nature, and nature is where we find Health. Nature is where all the real medicine is.  FINAL.

In closing We Must Challenge the WHO’s Right to Even Exist. If we don’t, we lose our ability to choose our individual health preferences and remedies to ONE HEALTH EVIL CABAL!

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