How Everyone can Change Agriculture around the World for a Better Future

Regenerative Farming to The Rescue

In New Zealand we are trialing regenerative farming practices. Regenerative farming is all about growing good quality soil by increasing biodiversity and accumulating organic matter. When we improve the quality of our soil, improved food quality follows that sustains plants, animals and humans. 

These trials have been ongoing for three years now on dairy farms and are showing benefits for the animals and the land. The benefits of regenerative farming also include replacing synthetic fertilizers with fish fertilizer, mushroom compost and guan.

 As well as diverse perennial pastures using a mix (up to 15 different species) including plantain and herbs. The diversity in pastures is also reducing methane emissions from cows. Already they are seeing benefits in animal health, shinier coats, differences in behaviour and milk quality. Soil quality is also improving worm density has more than doubled in a year and carbon retention in the soil is improving. Carbon retained in the land also holds water in the soil which helps reduce flooding, erosion and drought. Good news for farmers and our environment.

Kiwis just want to do the right thing, for our environment, for our future and for our children. You can get involved too. In the next video we have a line up of guests who can show you how to grow regeneratively at home. Different regenerative farming practices and how we can support them.

If you want to find out more start here: on facebook @fortheloveofbees  ยท 


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