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Nature is not for sale says Vandana Shiva who recently talked with Robert Kennedy jnr on Children's Health Defense"The Defender" channel.

Our planet is in trouble so we are being told. 

We are experiencing more frequently more aggressive weather patterns around the world. 

Out of control fires, torrential rains, flooding, volcanoes erupting and heat waves. Every night the television news networks show us these horrors. 

We see it constantly and more often. 

What are we to do? 

Big Bill is NOT going to save us and that's the good news.

We are!

The solution is with you and me and It is by all means within our individual control. Because the good news is not from Bill's pesticides, herbicides and GMO seeds. Nor with Bill's technology. Or Bill's patented synthetic lab grown meat or Bill's patented lab created insect burgers. Not from Bill's chalk dusting our atmosphere to block out the sun. Nor from his patented viruses for manufactured vaccines. Bill's solutions always end up costing you and me far too much money and maybe our lives. 


Get the picture. While every living person on planet earth is expected to pay for the changes big business wants, it is big business who are using our money, making massive profits while being the biggest perpetrators of our planets demise. 

The answers lie with you and me. 

All we have to do is think local. Lets start in our home and what improvements we can make to reduce waste. We can put in a vegetable garden, as Vandana says "grow for life". Make friends with a local farmer or butcher who buys local meat. Buy from the farmers markets. Encourage your supermarkets to promote local produce. When shopping for food at the supermarket always choose local produce, The supermarkets will cotton on and make sure they buy more local produce to serve you their valued customer. We are in charge. We are the influencers. There is no big business without us. 

We have the power to regenerate our world. 

In our hands and it is only we the people who have the solutions. 

The solutions do not cost a cent. 

The solutions will save us money and improve our health as well as the health of our planet. 

Regenerative agriculture requires 10 times less water. Regenerative farming practices greatly reduce the cost of growing food. And regenerative farming holds carbon in the ground where it belongs to help grow healthy food. Regenerative farming can also reabsorb carbon from the atmosphere back down to the earth where it belongs. Every living being on earth is carbon based. It is vital to life. Animals feeding off the land give back with nitrogen rich excrement to fertilize our crops. 60 thousand years of regenerative farming knowledge lives on in our indigenous people around the world. It is time to take back our power and make things right for future generations to come.

Want to learn more about what you can do to reverse climate change then please follow the link here and watch the interview with Vandana Shiva.

You can also buy my book it has some great tips on what you can do to improve your health, improve you're home environment and repair our planet and save money too. 


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