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The Truth is powerful and it will always get out

I watched your interview with Steve Kirsch, it was awful Sean, you want to listen to it you interrupt him all the time he doesn’t get a word in without you slamming him.

You trust the authorities Sean. It is the least we all expect. We rely on the authorities to tell us the truth. Well I’m very sorry to say it Sean but you have been lied to and here is my story.

I am an herbalist, researcher, regenerative health advocate, I love my planet and fervently love my children and grandchildren. When my family is threatened I make sure I do my homework and try to give good accurate advice.

Being an herbalist (for 30 years) I promote food medicine. You have to know your food facts. When eating fresh organic food for example I know how our body gets its nutrients via the plant and then converts it to mRNA to present it to DNA.

M stands for messenger – so think of a letter.

mRNA presents it’s letter to our DNA our DNA opens the letter and reads the information/instructions and carries out tasks or calls for a process to happen. Vitamins are sent to the appropriate places in the body, amino acids are distributed and plant medicines are utilised as well. (Organic food only)

(Plants sprayed with roundup disrupt amino acid availability and cuts out medicines in plants, they have a lot less vitamin content as well – this is another story though (1), go have a look Monsanto law suits for Round up and its association with causing cancer).

Some tasks are also carried out by mRNA as well via something called reverse transcriptase.

According to google: reverse transcriptase (RT) is an enzyme used to generate complementary DNA (cDNA) from an RNA template, a process termed reverse transcription.

That’s when alarm bells rang for me because we are not so different biologically to plants in how we process information/instructions.

So I got onto Medsafe and to my honour they said RNA does not affect your DNA.

This is Misinformation on Medsafe.

So I emailed them. I got a no I’m wrong reply.

I have sent Medsafe a lot of information and they either ignore it or they give me lame replies. I’ve given up on them because it turns out they are overseen worldwide by none other than big pharma interests corporations.

I warned my family, but they didn’t hear my concerns, they had children to feed, jobs, rent to pay, everything we people value in life to survive. The mandates sealed the deal and kiwis got jabbed.

They said it was 95% safe and effective, you tell a lie often enough it becomes the truth.

Actually that is the Relative Risk Reduction and we don’t use that in science. Science uses Absolute Risk Reduction and for the jab that’s 0.84% not even 1% which explains why it didn’t work.

 It didn’t stop transmission (2),

 It didn’t stop you getting Covid

And it didn’t stop severe Covid and hospitalization.

People hospitalised for Covid are over 58% more likely to be vaccinated.

Masks don’t work either, do they, or we would never have spread Covid would we!

The jab is a failure in preventing Covid 19. Not even 1% effective.

However it is deadly.  The deadliest jab ever. And it is not a vaccine as we know it.

It is an experimental gene technology never before tried on humans because all the animal trials failed and when the animals caught a virus again they all died.

We the people were the experiment.

Back in the beginning they knew, from the 6 month Pfizer trial they knew that while it worked ARR 0.84% it also caused heart attacks because 4 people died of heart attacks and 21 people died in the vaccine group. 15 died in the placebo group. The FDA approved it anyway and our government watchdogs must have seen the documents too.

Wouldn’t you think?

Now you might be surprised that some people died in the placebo group

Now you might be surprised that some people died in the placebo group, however it has been the practice of big pharma to use a comparative approved vaccine against the new vaccine.

No vaccine maker has used a true placebo in any of their trials since 1986 when the 1986 Act was passed and is apparent especially in hepatitis B vaccines, the 5 day trial. Yep! That’s right a 5 day trial! had NO placebo at all!

(That’s one of Aaron Siri’s ICAN cases that he won in the Supreme Court. You must watch the entire programme to hear Ed Dowd also. It’s called “BRINGING THE HEAT” EPISODE: 298). (3)

Why do babies get a hepatitis B vaccine anyway? Because it’s for a sexually transmitted disease and it should only be required if mum had hepatitis B. I’ve never met a sexually active baby so why do they get this vaccine?

The answer from big pharma, we can’t get adults to take it! Babies can’t refuse.

We got to Wake up People!

Here lies another conundrum where did they get an approved gene technology from? The only thing I know of is a chemotherapy drug? Is that why 15 healthy people died in the placebo group?

Point is they approved it on normal vaccine safety protocols. And experimental gene technology that has the ability to change your DNA is NOT a VACCINE. So why would they not create a gene technology safety protocol?

1986 Act signed by Ronald Reagan, NO LIABILITY.

No one can sue them, if it is called a vaccine, fortunately for them the definition of a vaccine was changed by the FDA/CDC to make experimental gene technology fit an acceptable definition of a vaccine. In fact the definition of a vaccine has been changed several times since 1986 by those authorities we thought had our best interests in mind.

You could say we intrusted the biggest vaccine rollout in history to a bunch of serial psychopathic criminals.

Unless these psychopaths committed FRAUD again?

Pfizer is no stranger to fraud, they have repeatedly committed fraud and have the distinction of paying the biggest criminal fine in history 2.3 billion dollars. (4)

The law is getting closer to proving FRAUD by the way.

And why would FDA, the people’s protector, sign off on these jabs?

Don’t bite the hand that feeds you! Most FDA funding (over 50%) comes from big pharma! The people who stand on the approval committee get paid and are employed by big pharma.


And yet another one of Aaron Siri’s cases that he won! You can watch it on The High-wire! On video in the supreme court, under oath. (5)


Where are all the bodies?

You kept on saying that in the interview with Steve Kirsch.

Another Supreme Court case Aaron Siri won was taking the FDA to court because they would not release the documents to prove the jab was safe. (6)

First the FDA wanted 50 years to release the documents, then they wanted 75 years. But the court overruled the FDA and demanded 55,000 pages per month.

What the papers exposed.

They never said it was deadly for almost anything else, 9 pages worth of ailments of special interest like myocarditis, heart disease, cancer, blood clots. But they did say it was safe and effective for Covid 19. ARR 0.84% effective for Covid 19. Not the RRR 95% that our media advertised.

If you want proof, there is your proof in the Pfizer documents presented to the FDA for approval, now for all to see if you want to look. Sean. (7)

They said it was safe in pregnancy.

The Pfizer documents show they dropped the placebo group and gave them the jab after 2 months. For as long as forever, it took 9 months to have a baby, 40 weeks give or take, NOT 2 months, because 2 months is all the evidence they have.

So how can Souxsie Wile come on New Zealand TV and tell us the jab is safe in pregnancy?

What special information did she have that the FDA didn’t have?

Where is her evidence? Sean.

It is time you asked for their evidence. Empty words mean nothing unless you can prove it.

Do we ask those questions of our authorities or do we just believe they are telling the truth.

The numbers speak for themselves, the birth rates are down world-wide, miscarriage and stillbirth is up world-wide. Babies dying early (days, weeks, months after birth) are up world-wide.

Pfizer fraudulently stopped the trial after two months by giving the placebo group the vaccine.

That is not science and that is not how trials should be done.

They got rid of the control after 2 months.

Our government mandated a jab in every arm and punished those that said NO to the jab.

Chris Hipkins said (with a sinister grin on his face) on TV “we have something in mind for the unvaxed” what did he have instore for them?

Wasn’t demonizing them as spreaders of disease enough? and excluding them from society and jobs enough?

Not if you have to kill the control!  Get rid of the control!   Eliminate the control!

When the control, the mighty unvaxed, got Covid it was a cold, not quite the flu just a bad cold.

They have stronger immunity than the jabbed 36X stronger. (8)

They have longer immunity, most likely for life, because we have memory cells, they help us remember every disease/virus we have ever come across.

All of us have at least 80% protection from all corona viruses anyway because we have been exposed to them before. Doesn’t matter if they are slightly different than the last, they are familiar corona viruses and therefore only vary by around 3% regardless.

But FEAR sells!

If you want to really put the shits up the population you tell them they are all going to die if they don’t take the jab!

All in the name of vaccine uptake any hesitancy must be stopped. The mandate is a jab in every arm. From the CEO of Pfizer the goal is “PROFIT” 10x the income for shareholders.

Do whatever it takes, feed the media false information because you own the media.

Create a scapegoat, destroy the control, infiltrate the government, Pfizer spend more money on lobbing the government than it spends on safety and marketing put together and print whatever lies will help you achieve your goal.

Many scare stories turn out to be hype—especially those based on computer modelling (and serving an agenda). But the graph below shows actual occurrences. Sudden Adult Death Syndrome is real.

National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians

The source is the National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians (KBV), which insures 72 million lives. Remember that if actuaries, in contrast to public health authorities, make a mistake, they and the companies they work for face consequences—including bankruptcy.

My goal is to tell the TRUTH when bought media will only tell you what the government wants you to hear you have got trouble. When the government divides the people and uses un-jabbed as a scapegoat you have totalitarism. When the government changes laws and legislation behind closed doors you have totalitarism. When your own Prime Minister is a Young Global Leader for the WEF along with other ministers as well as people in positions of power who are Young Global Influencers you have Nazism, Eugenics and World Domination.

Please take a look at WEF website. Read Karl Schwab’s “The Great Reset”

 The future is clear “you will own NOTHING and you will be happy”.


The TRUTH is like a lion you don’t have to defend it let it loose and it will DEFEND ITSELF.














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